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3/15/2022 | By Seniors Guide Staff

We would like to spotlight our amazing Trisha, who has worked at Roberson Law for over 11 years as the advocate and personal care manager for the clients for whom the attorneys at Roberson Law serve as Guardian or Power of Attorney (POA).

The obstacles that Trisha has had to encounter this past year with overseeing our fiduciary clients’ personal and financial affairs, amid a pandemic, have been extremely challenging because of Trisha’s restricted access to our clients. Nevertheless, Trisha has still managed to keep on top of paying clients’ bills, conducting care conferences for clients over Zoom, and providing to facilities the personal care items and supplies that our clients need on a weekly basis, even though her direct access to clients was severely limited in 2021.

The 16 disabled or medically challenged clients for whom Trisha manages personal, financial, and medical needs include people who range in age from their mid-30s to age 102. Many of the fiduciary clients are veterans, but others are people who simply have outlived all their loved ones whom they would trust to handle their affairs. Although Trisha is technically only part-time, she is on call most days and hours of the day to ensure that the people for whom our attorneys are responsible are being taken care of, and that their personal and medical needs are being met.

Trisha has a special relationship with all our fiduciary clients, for she is the only “family” that some of these people have. Trisha finds delight in being that special surrogate family member to our clients. An example of this is how Trisha knows every single fiduciary client’s favorite foods, interests, and personal tastes so that she can always provide individualized items and gifts to each unique person for whom the Roberson Law attorneys serve as POA or Guardian. These clients are people who do not have anyone else to give them personal unconditional attention and love.

We are so proud of Trisha for all of her selfless acts of love and kindness she has given our fiduciary clients for the past 11 years. On behalf of all the ladies and men whom you serve, and your co-workers at Roberson Law, we thank you, Trisha, for all that you do and are!

Seniors Guide Staff

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