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1/12/2022 | By Kim Dahl

For many, the start of a New Year represents a new beginning and an opportunity to organize, declutter and make “to do” lists. Taking down holiday decorations can be a bit overwhelming and sad as we say farewell to the past holiday season; however, it can also be an opportunity to dispose, give-a-way and re-purpose.

By seizing the opportunity of this time of year, we can also determine if our “stuff” still has purpose in our homes and lives. Seniors may realize that some of their belonging no longer hold the value they once held and are no longer usable. These same items, however, could be the perfect piece for a friend, loved-one or someone in need.

As you begin to consider items no longer needed – ask yourself the following:

  1. Have I, or my spouse used the item in the last year?
  2. Is the item safe to use in my home?
  3. Could someone else benefit or enjoy the item?
  4. Do I have several of the same similar items?
  5. Do I still “value” the items and know why I am keeping?

For all items that you answered no, go ahead and set aside for: storage, sale, family/friends or donation. By taking control of your inventory, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have made the decisions about your belongings and have taken control of the process. Your home will be less cluttered, and you will be surrounded by items of value, use and purpose.

WayForth is a full-service senior move and relocation management company offering a wide range of services, including space planning, sorting, decluttering, storing, packing, moving, unpacking, settling in and clearing out.

Our team will help guide you through your relocation needs and deliver a customized plan that matches your lifestyle. We assign a dedicated Client Experience Manager to your move. Their sole job is to tailor this process to your individual needs and guide you step by step. From our first visit to our last, we deliver personalized, concierge-level solutions through every phase of your move.

Kim Dahl

Kim Dahl is Managing Director for WayForth.