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2/17/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Though there’s hope on the horizon that the vaccine will let us live freer lives later this year, the reality is that we’re all still stuck at home right now. 

Staying connected with seniors in the family in a meaningful way continues to be tough. 

StoryCorps may be one way to reconnect with them, find out more about a loved one, and forge stronger bonds. 

And kill some time. 

StoryCorps gives people – everyday folks — the opportunity to record interviews about their lives.  

One option is having and recording a conversation with a loved one. You can ask about relatives’ lives, talk about a significant life event or hobby, explore their belief system, or ask about their memories of a significant historical event. 

StoryCorps’ goal is to “record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs,” with a mission of preserving and sharing humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. 

Its archive of stories covers a vast array of topics, including: 

  • Unusual hobbies – Tom Gasko collects vacuum cleaners and runs a vacuum cleaner museum in Missouri (https://bit.ly/2LR2Uc9). 
  • Friendship – Two people reflect on their 30-year friendship and finding joy in challenging times (https://bit.ly/2LSYgdn). 
  • Professions – Who knew that “freelance embalmers” (https://bit.ly/3oM6fHQ) existed?

It also offers has various series https://bit.ly/3bIsSt2 focused on specific topics. 

For instance, Stonewall Outloud features LGBTQ stories, and the memory loss initiative allows those living with memory loss to share their stories. Another, the Justice Project, documents youth of color’s experience in the juvenile and adult justice system.   

StoryCorps has recording booths in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. You also may record your story remotely, even if the participants live in separate cities. 

Visit https://bit.ly/38LrS5L to find out how. 

Seniors Guide Staff

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Seniors Guide Staff