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8/3/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

According to Arnetta

Why did you choose to live at Woodland Terrace?

Arnetta at Woodland Terrace

My daughter and her husband checked out many of the places around here and we narrowed it down to a few before we came down from New Jersey one weekend and visited them. When we walked into Woodland Terrace, unlike the others, it had a warm feeling and I thought, this is the place!

What do you love about living here?

The freedom to do as much or as little as you want to. There are many activities that I enjoy doing. There are many people to be with. You just wander outside of your apartment and sit around and talk and I wouldn’t have that if I were still living by myself at home. I feel very safe here, I feel like if anything happens, there is always someone around. As opposed to living in a house by myself and having to call for help for instance.

What is your favorite part of your typical day?

Just seeing a friendly face! I don’t have to go anywhere, I can just look outside my apartment. I have made a lot of wonderful friends here that I enjoy seeing and we enjoy life together. 

What would you tell yourself when looking for senior living if you could go back in time?

I would tell myself not to wait and to find a place like Woodland Terrace sooner! I have met so many friends and participate in more activities than I even did while living on my own. My meals are delicious and full of choice; and the best part is, I don’t have to clean up! I have a safety net here and peace of mind knowing that my family doesn’t have to worry about me.

Woodland Terrace

Seniors Guide Staff

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