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8/3/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

According to Alice

Alice of Verena at Bedford Falls

Like many other seniors my age, I felt lonely during the pandemic. That is until I moved to Verena at Bedford Falls in the middle of the pandemic and my life changed in an instant. It is nice being greeted daily by such friendly staff at Verena, and my days are now filled with mingling with newfound friends at social events, exercise classes, and other group gatherings. I no longer spend time worrying about household chores or dealing with maintenance issues, and this makes me happy!

I start every day with a walk in the wonderful neighborhood of Bedford Falls or on walking trails in Falls River or Durant Nature Preserve, as planned by our Joy Director. All year round I make sure I walk three miles each day, and I’ve met some great friends in our Verena walking group who keep me honest on this goal.

I love eating breakfast and lunch in our Bistro. Gathering with my friends for lunch is a highlight of my day. We learn so much about each other and find out what activities we are all planning to participate in later in the day. One of my favorite things to do after lunch is to go to the movies in our community. Our theater is a great place to relax and munch on some popcorn. On other days, I attend committee meetings where Verena residents make recommendations of what they would like to see on the community calendar. This makes me feel more at home and independent where I live. I love ending my day with a dinner outing or attending happy hour with others. Sometimes I host my own happy hour in my apartment and invite my neighbors!

Verena is the perfect community for me to maintain my active lifestyle.

Verena at Bedford Falls

Seniors Guide Staff

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