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9/10/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

According to Mary

Sipping a cup of coffee, Mary Schreier reflects on her time living in one of RLC’s longest-running senior retirement communities. After setting her cup on the table, she smiles and says, “They’ve been good years. All of them.”

Mary is 97 years old, but you’d never know it by the enthusiasm in her voice and the playful gleam in her eyes. She has lived independently in her third-floor apartment for 20 years, a location chosen specifically, she says, so she can look out the windows and admire the landscaping. “The kids picked the place out,” Mary recalls, indicating the all-inclusive senior living community. “I didn’t disagree. I liked it.” One of her favorite parts of living in the community is inviting her family for a meal in the dining room. “You make a reservation and they set up a place for you.” Almost as important – the food, especially biscuits and gravy. “I haven’t seen any in a while so I’ll have to get on Chef for that,” she laughs.

As a long-time resident, Mary has become an ambassador of sorts for her neighbors and new residents just moving in. During the interview, she stops to wave and say hello to passing friends. “It’s wonderful being in a place like this, where there are great friends and plenty to do to be active.”

In the early days, Mary had many opportunities to share her feedback with community managers and help shape the community into what it is today. She has also enjoyed serving on various committees over the years. “I come to everything. You can’t get by without Mary being there to see what’s going on,” she jokes.

An acrylic plaque sitting to her side on the table recognizes her tenure and her contributions to the community as a whole. “This surprised me. I’m so lucky,” she said, smiling ear to ear. In reality, RLC is the lucky one, having made a lasting friendship with Mary over the last two decades.

Seniors Guide Staff

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