Seniors Got Talent

8/27/2021 | By Rachel Marsh

Talented seniors: keep those talents to yourself no more.

Since 2011, Seniors Guide’s exclusive Seniors Got Talent competition has showcased numerous skilled group and individual seniors – older adults unabashedly proving that age has nothing to do with the ability to sing, dance, and perform with confidence.

Our competition includes three levels: solo (one person), small group (2-6 people), and large group (7+ participants). Winners in each category receive a $500 prize and all the bragging rights they can muster.

We’re constantly on the hunt for talented senior individuals and groups eager to show off their skills, and we’d love to see what you can do!

Don’t think you’ve got the right talents? You don’t have to be a legendary musician or vocalist extraordinaire. In the past, we’ve had a variety of talents – from woodworking, to stand up comedy, to – yes – knitting!

In fact, we’d love to introduce you to our most recent winners from SGT 2020. Featuring singers, dancers, and a Frank Sinatra enthusiast, these folks boldly took the stage (camera?) and submitted their talents for the world to see. And it certainly paid off…

Individual: Vocalist Mac McIntosh (Clovis, CA)

Mac wowed us (and his voters) with his crooning a cappella rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “More.” With his rich tones and smooth vocals, we weren’t surprised when he came in first place for the individual category. In fact, it only left us wanting … well, you know.

Small Group: The New Hip (Indianapolis, IN)

This Indianapolis group sent us their upbeat version of Van Morrison’s “Moondance” – a cover only enhanced by the talented musicians (and of course that dazzling disco ball). A marvelous night for a moondance, indeed.

Large Group: Seniors on Step (Alexandria, VA)

It’s hard not to get entranced by this enthusiastic group’s impressively choreographed and wildly catchy dance to a montage of hits: featuring jazz, pop, and some well-implemented blow-up instruments.

Think you’ve got what it takes to enter Seniors Got Talent? We think you do too! Click to submit, or check out our official rules here.

Rachel Marsh

Award-winning writer Rachel Marsh has written for many different sites and publications on a variety of topics. She is the multimedia editor for Seniors Guide and works hard to make sure seniors and their families have the best information possible. When she’s not writing for work, she can be found writing for fun. Really!

Rachel Marsh