Seniors Got Talent Rules

This annual video contest, brought to you exclusively by Seniors Guide, showcases talented older adults and seniors from across the United States.

Voting: Winning videos are chosen based on the total number of votes cast by February 28th, 2021. Current guidelines allow each voter to vote for their favorite videos once per day, using a valid email address. In addition to our ongoing promotion of Seniors Got Talent, along with word of mouth, past winners have successfully expanded their audience of voters by sharing their videos on Facebook and email – which dramatically increases a video’s chance of winning.

Above all, Seniors Got Talent is about highlighting the vibrancy and fun of being a senior!

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2020 Contest Rules & Regulations

By entering and voting in Seniors Guide’s Seniors Got Talent, participants agree to the following contest rules and regulations. Additional terms and conditions may apply. There is no cost to enter Seniors Got Talent.


  • All entries must be entered and accepted on or before December 31, 2020, via the upload form to participate.
  • Videos will be hosted on’s YouTube Channel and need to comply with all of YouTube’s policies. Videos that don’t comply will not be accepted as applicants.
  • Top videos within the three categories will be chosen based on the number of votes after the contest ends on February 28th, 2021.
  • Contestants can only be in one category and cannot submit a video to be placed in other categories. This will result in video submission disqualification. 
  • All cash prizes will be awarded via check made out to the company who submitted the video or the individual senior talent featured in the video. Individuals who receive monetary winnings from Seniors Got Talent must be aged 55+.
  • If submitting your video in the Small Group or Large Group category, all participants must be 55 years of age or older. Any participant younger than 55 years old will result in disqualification for the entire team. 
  • Only one video per contestant will be accepted.
  • Ross Publishing, Inc. / Seniors Guide employees are ineligible to win cash prizes from Seniors Got Talent.


  • Only valid email addresses used to vote for video entries will be counted towards the number of total votes.
  • Spam, robotic, fraudulent, and invalid email addresses used to vote will be periodically purged and deleted.
  • Individual entries are allowed one vote per valid email address, per day*. It is encouraged to continue to vote daily for your favorite videos. Multiple votes by the same IP address within 24 hours will be deleted and not counted.

Ross Publishing, Inc. / Seniors Guide, reserves the right to edit, reject, or refuse video submissions at any time for any reason whatsoever. Video submissions are automatically entered into the Seniors Got Talent contest and subject to all rules that apply. Email addresses are private, and will only be used for communication and marketing purposes by Seniors Guide, when applicable. By entering and participating in Seniors Got Talent, you agree and accept the rules and regulations as stated above. Submissions may be used for promotional purposes as warranted by eligible sponsor(s), Ross Publishing, Seniors Guide, and

*Daily voting is limited by IP Address. Shared computers and locations will not be able to vote multiple times per day.

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