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5/13/2022 | By Isadora Baum

Choose breakfast foods for better digestion to avoid embarrassing gas and cramps and aid digestion and nutrient absorption, energy and mood: think healthy fats, yogurt, oatmeal, and more.

It certainly puts a cramp on enjoyment or professionalism to experience stomach pain, cramps, and gas during a morning meeting, your commute to the office, or when you’re simply visiting with friends or engrossed in your hobby. And certain foods can definitely cause your belly to act up. By knowing how to choose breakfast foods for better digestion, you’ll go about your morning feeling comfortable, confident, and at ease.

Suffering from indigestion can be more than simply embarrassing, though. Having poor digestion may mean that vital nutrients from your food won’t be properly absorbed, which can, in turn, lead to abnormal bowel movements and bloating. And those physical symptoms can interfere with your mood and your ability to be motivated and alert.

Starting your day on a positive note, and with the right breakfast foods for better digestion, will allow you to feel like your best self and produce your best work. That means eating a healthy breakfast that contains nutrients to enhance your mood, brain function, and energy levels, and one that is easy to digest. Some foods are definitely better for digestion than others. Here, health experts weigh in on the optimal breakfast foods and how you can get your fill.

Luckily, all of these foods are super versatile and flavorful, so it’s impossible to get bored. Figure out a few add-ons you’d like to incorporate to these healthy breakfast foods, and you’ll have a delicious, simple breakfast for each morning of the week that’ll set you up for a productive day ahead. So say goodbye to morning gas and cramps with these suggestions.

3 healthy breakfast foods for better digestion and plenty of enjoyment

1. Yogurt

healthy yogurt breakfast. Photo by Martin Šandera Dreamstime. Breakfast foods for better digestion fend off gas and cramps and aid digestion and nutrient absorption: think healthy fats, yogurt, oatmeal.

Nutritional experts behind Chobani explain that “research shows that the protein in yogurt like Greek yogurt keeps you feeling full longer after breakfast, and that coupled with probiotics, which support good digestive health, it’s an all-around breakfast winner.”

You can top Greek yogurt with other digestion-friendly foods like chia seeds and fruit, which will prevent boredom. You can also drink yogurt breakfast smoothies, or add in fresh produce, like sweet potatoes, to make a savory yogurt parfait, advises Elizabeth Ann Shaw, M.S., RDN, CLT.

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2. Healthy fats

Certain healthy fats improve digestion and can promote good gut flora to boost immunity and bodily functions. One you might want to try is coconut oil. It’s a super-versatile ingredient that can be incorporated in a smoothie, spread on toast, or spooned on a yogurt or oatmeal bowl, providing healthy, tasty options on breakfast foods for better digestion.

For smoothies, “Add some healthy fats such as raw almond butter or half of an avocado. It will keep you satiated and add creaminess to the smoothie,” says DrinkMaple co-founder and CEO Kate Weiler.

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3. Oatmeal

Certified healthy lifestyle coach Liz Traines explains in an email that breakfast oatmeal is great for digestive health, as it’s easy on the stomach and supplies a nice source of complex carbs and fiber for sustainable energy and balanced mood. Adding even more fiber-filled ingredients to oatmeal will also increase digestive health, advises Ashlee Wright M.D.A., RD, LD/N, at Orlando Health.

“Fiber is a key player in digestion, and most of us are not getting enough of it,” Wright explains. “Blackberries and raspberries will add a boost of fiber. Other high-fiber breakfast options would be 100% whole-grain cereal, such as shredded wheat.

You can also add a spoonful of ground flaxseed to your oatmeal or to your breakfast smoothie for additional fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids,” Wright recommends.

As a last note on breakfast foods for better digestion, Wright provides two tips: “Take your time when you are eating, and drink plenty of water.”

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