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Seniors Guide recommends free online games for seniors to provide mental stimulation and everyday enjoyment, from trendy games like Wordle and Sudoku to classics such as Jumble and crossword puzzles.

Online games and puzzles provide benefits for seniors, from boosting brain health to simply adding enjoyment to the day. The mental stimulation and fun can keep seniors engaged and eager for the next challenge and bring a feeling of accomplishment. Some studies have also shown that some online games can mitigate symptoms of depression.

The best thing about these online puzzles is that they’re easily accessible so seniors can play them whenever and wherever, pause them, get back to them, and play for as long as they wish. This is especially helpful for seniors who want to relax and take a break during the day.

Fun free online games for seniors to play

We share these free online games for seniors to keep you engaged and maintain or even improve your mental health.

Jumble at Boomer magazine

Jumble scrambled word puzzle starts with four mixed-up words for you to unscramble. Those are followed by a humorous (usually pun-focused) cartoon, clue and final mixed-up word, made with letters from the first four words.

Boomer magazine has tons of free-to-play Jumble games, two puzzles paired for adults and kids – play the easier kids Jumble as a warm-up or with a favorite kid, then move on to the harder Classic puzzle. Each game has a theme. Check it out here.

Sudoku at Seniors Guide

Sudoku has around since 1783 and saw a revival in the 20th century, in puzzle books, magazines, and newspapers. Now, the game is available online.

The goal of Sudoku is to fill up a 9×9 grid with numbers from 1-9 so that every row, column, and smaller 3×3 grid has the numbers 1-9. Sounds easy, right? Just wait until you start playing. Our team here at provides a new Sudoku puzzle every day, so you’re never stuck without a game to play. Start playing here.

ScrabbleGrams at Seniors Guide

Scrabble Grams is a not-so-typical scrabble game. In this game, you’re not competing with anyone, you’re only playing to unscramble letters to form a word. Each letter on a scrabble tile comes with a number and your aim is to form the highest number of possible words to meet the game’s best score.

The game comes with a time to add to the challenge and intensity. Start with this interesting game here.

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a tile-matching puzzle game inspired by the popular in Asia board game, Mahjong, but played solo.

The goal of Mahjong Solitaire is to remove all tiles from the game board by matching tile pairs. Find two tiles with the same face image to create a pair and remove it from the board. Removing tiles, in turn, unlocks more tiles underneath. Keep removing tiles until there are no more left, at which point you have won the game! Play Mahjong Solitaire here.


Memozor has loads of interesting free online games, to help keep memory sharp. First, the Memory matching games have various alternatives for players to choose from. Select a tile on the board and try to remember the picture on the tile so you can easily pair it with the right tile when you find its pair.

It also has Simon games, Word Memory games, and printable games for those who don’t like to play online. Get started on the fun here.


man using a laptop in his backyard, possibly doing a puzzle. Photo by Nyul Dreamstime. Seniors Guide recommends free online games for seniors to provide mental stimulation and everyday enjoyment, from trendy games like Wordle and Sudoku to classics such as Jumble and crossword puzzles.

Wordle is an online word game where you have only six tries to guess the five-letter word of the day. Some top facts to know about Wordle, are that it’s usually a five-letter word that you need to guess, and to guess the accurate letters, you need to eliminate the wrong letters and placements.

Every Wordle player is guessing the same word every day – a different word each day – making it fun to share and compare scores with friends. It’s not timed, so there’s no hurry to find the right word. It’s also not addictive since you can only play once a day!

You can learn how to play here, or go straight to the game.


If you like Wordle but you want a little more challenge, give Quordle a try. You’ll essentially be playing four Wordle puzzles at once – each time you type in a five-letter word, as you do in Wordle, the letters are marked in four different games simultaneously. Fortunately, you have nine chances to guess each one! Try it here!

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles were created in England during the 19th century. The first published crossword puzzle is believed to have been created by a journalist in Liverpool, demonstrating that more good came out of that British city than just the Beatles. Newspapers quickly picked up on the idea, crafting their own crosswords. These entertaining and engaging puzzles can be both a delight and a challenge to solve.

You’ll find several sources for free online puzzles, including The Washington Post and (with two levels to play each day).


Braingle is a website dedicated to brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, and mind puzzles. With this large collection of online brain teasers, you will never run out of options. Popular online games you can find on Braingle include brain teasers, trivia, memory tests, flashcards, optical illusions, cryptography, and more. Give it a go.

No need to sit idly when you can give your brain a tease with some interesting online puzzles and games. We’ve highlighted some fun yet tricky games that may give you a good mental workout when you’re looking for a challenge. So, what do you say? Dare to try!

Post updated June 14, 2022, with addition of Mahjong Solitaire.

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