Aging In Place

5/10/2017 | By Linda Lewis

And “stuff” can be a problem if you are a senior planning to move. Because whether the move is immediate, or just on the distant horizon, you will need to formulate a system for clearing the deck.

First of all, do not apologize or feel badly. You are in good company. It seems to be part of the American condition to wallow in more than we need. But in the last decade or two of our lives, we have a chance to make it right.

Attack the “overweight” corners of your home first, such as junk drawers, bathroom cabinets, kitchen pantries, closets, craft rooms, garages, attics and basements. When eyeing the excess, be ruthless. (Often it helps to have a friend with you who will not allow you to deceive yourself).

Initiate your overview utilizing brightly colored, adhesive dots available at any office supply. That way you don’t have to move and segregate anything. Just dot the items in place – “stuff” on shelves, wall décor, lamps, furniture, tools and even rugs.

Here are the filters to apply that will help you with your decision making:

1st – mark those items with yellow dots that you know in your knower you will be keeping for either sentimental or utilitarian reasons

2nd – get the family to step up and identify, or better yet, pick up the items they want. Different siblings can be assigned different colors.

3rd – There will probably be items to sell to help offset the cost of moving, so mark those items with green dots for the color of money and arrange for a dealer to assess their value

4th – The rest should be donated or trashed. Remember, every home has “stuff” that no one else wants.

Linda Balentine is the Founder and CEO of Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services in Roanoke Virginia.  Learn more at or visit their consignment shop and auction gallery at 6704 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Virginia or call (540) 982-5800.

Linda Lewis