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VitalWatch 24-hour Health Management is an innovative health management service that provides 24-hour health monitoring and access to Registered Nurses for individuals with chronic health issues, individuals who have been recently discharged from a hospital or healthcare facility, or who experienced a recent health change.

At VitalWatch 24-hour Health Management, we appoint a highly qualified Registered Nurse as your permanent Health Manager! Our experienced team of skilled professionals will evaluate your health concerns, medications, and other aspects of your providers’ care plans. Then, we provide the clinical support necessary to maximize the benefits of your provider’s plans and prevent unnecessary visits to doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms.

*Services covered by Medicare*

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Patients On Our Service Receive: 

  • 24-Hour Health Monitoring
  • 24-Hour CallBell™ Service
  • Monthly and As Needed In-Home Visits
  • On-Demand Nursing Services
  • Collaboration with Your Other Providers

Why Patients Use Us: 

  • Recent Discharge From a Hospital or Facility
  • Help with Chronic Disease and Medication Management
  • To Reduce The Risk of Urgent Care, ER Visits, and Readmission
  • Ongoing Patient and Caregiver Support

VitalWatch 24-hour Health Management

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