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Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program

“More Than Just A Meal”

Central Virginia Alliance For Community Living, Inc.’s Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program provides nutritionally balanced hot and chilled home delivered meals to older adults in need. The Program has a highly skilled and professional Nutrition Department compiled of a motivated and dedicated staff.

The mission of the Program and goal for the Nutrition Team is to provide high-quality nutritious meals meeting and exceeding standards prescribed by regulating authorities; vetted nutritional education, and impeccable person-centered service delivery. In addition to home delivered meals, the Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program team members work together to deliver emergency supplies, nutritional education materials, and, in partnership with the arts community, targeted poetry and other arts education materials. A critical role for the team’s Nutrition Drivers is to connect with and observe individuals in their home. Nutrition Drivers connect with each older adult providing important interaction, a smile, and often “an ear” to report their needs. Nutrition Drivers report concerns related to wellness or well-being; especially if the individual is not available or the home situation seems out of the ordinary. The Nutrition Drivers deliver hot meals throughout Region 2000 five days a week to an average of over 300 individuals on a consistent basis. Additionally, another approximate 250 individuals, in rural areas, are provided a chilled meal delivery.

The phrase “More Than Just a Meal” is embraced by CVACL and exemplified by the compassion and dedicated attention given to observing and looking out for the well-being of the individuals served. Often Nutrition Drivers are the only contact older adults may experience on a frequent basis. The reliability and friendly nature exhibited through the service delivery builds trust; reduces isolation; and fosters stability with individuals. The Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program often offers the main component necessary for older adults to remain independent and secure in their homes. All home delivered meal recipients receive a comprehensive assessment and are assigned a Care Manger to support them with critical wrap around services and supports. The Nutrition Drivers keep the Care Managers apprised of any observed or reported needs.

The CVACL Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program provides meals to the region’s most rural areas. In most rural areas, the program offers the only home delivered meal available. Since hot meals cannot safely be delivered to a number of the rural areas, CVACL contracts with Mom’s Meals to provided and deliver those meals. Mom’s Meals allows the Nutrition Department to offer a broad range of meals tailored to the individuals’ needs. Therefore, in addition to being able to serve older adults in rural area, partnering with Mom’s Meals allows CVACL to offer specialized meals region wide (Examples: renal, vegetarian, pureed, and diabetic friendly meals). Since the Nutrition Program Drivers do not connect directly with the individuals on these routes, each person served receives consistent check-in phone calls from a CVACL staff member.

As part of the program’s dedication to the “More Than Just A Meal” philosophy, the Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program partners with other local businesses and organizations. In 2020, CVACL partnered with Genworth to prepare and coordinate deliver of 900 community backpacks filled with emergency supplies. Additionally, in response to the COVID-19 virus threat, Genworth provided critically needed supplies for 1,000 seniors to include paper products, hand sanitizers, and a special note in which Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program staff packed up and coordinated delivery through four Meals on Wheels Programs in Virginia and North Carolina. The Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program is honored to partner with Gleaning for the World. In 2020 this partnership enabled the program to deliver over 3 tons of shelf stable food, fresh food, and water to older adults in the community.

Central Virginia Alliance For Community Living. Inc.’s Meals on Wheels for Seniors Program is currently delivering over 10,000 home delivered meals a month and offering “More Than Just A Meal” with each delivery. The Program is a beacon of light illuminating the path for individuals to “live their best life”.