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8/24/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Many people don’t realize that our soft, shiny and pliable hair is made of the same substance as our fingernails – protein.

When we receive the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins through our daily diet, it shows up in how healthy our bodies are – and that is reflected in smooth and silky hair, along with strong and blemish-free nails.

1. Poultry (Chicken and Turkey)

Chicken and turkey are rich in protein. Our hair and nails need protein for healthy growth. Poultry dishes can be prepared a variety of ways, of course, and some methods of preparation are healthier than others. (Fried chicken, for example – delicious as it may be – typically is also chock-full of trans fats.)

Milk and eggs are also an excellent source of protein, as are lima beans, sweet corn, and broccoli.  Nuts are a good source – in particular walnuts, but it’s always best to choose unsalted rather than salted nuts.

2. Beef and Leafy Greens

Red meat (i.e., beef, rather than white meat – poultry or pork) is rich in iron, as are dark leafy greens like spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, and collard greens. Note that iceberg lettuce has iron, too, but it’s a light leafy green – full of water, and thus doesn’t have as much iron as dark leafy greens.

Iron promotes healthy hair and nails because it helps facilitate blood flow – and nutrients are carried throughout our body via our circulatory system.  A deficiency of iron impacts our health in a variety of ways – including causing hair loss.

3. Fish … and Bread (Maybe)

Fish – in particular mackerel, salmon, and tuna – are rich in in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 not only helps promote hair growth due to its anti-inflammatory properties, but it also helps keep the scalp healthy, thus preventing dandruff.

Omega-3 also helps strengthen our fingernails and toenails, preventing splitting and cracking.

Bread that is enriched – i.e. fortified with vitamins and minerals – is another excellent source of iron. However, for those individuals battling weight issues, bread is usually avoided since it is high in carbohydrates. Those with a gluten intolerance will also want to avoid bread.

4. Pork and Shellfish

A trace mineral called zinc, and another called selenium, are important for a healthy scalp. These are called “trace” minerals because, although they are essential, we just need a very little bit of them each day for optimum health.

Foods already mentioned above have traces of zinc and selenium, as do pork and shellfish.

By eating a wide variety of foods, we will obtain our vitamins, minerals, proteins and other necessary naturally, without having to resort to supplements – the efficacy of which is not really proven.

A good diet promotes overall general health – and that will be reflected in beautiful, strong hair and strong nails.

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