4/26/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

The cold weather is finally gone and spring sunshine is pouring in. It’s the perfect time to stop to smell the roses and get active outdoors. Don’t think you have to be cooped up inside just because you’re getting older. The outdoors is a great place to be for people of all ages. Here are a few reasons why you should embrace the outdoors — and a few activities to help you do so.

What’s So Great About the Great Outdoors?

Plenty. The warm weather gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the blooming flowers, bushes and trees; the sound of birds chirping; and the feel of of the sun on your face. Being outside also comes with a host of physical, emotional and mental benefits.

Just a few minutes spent in the sun can increase your Vitamin D levels, which helps your body fight off osteoporosis, cancer and depression, explains Bryn Mawr Terrace. There’s also a lot of physical activities you can do outside, which prevents boredom and apathy and helps you keep your muscles strong and your limbs nimble.

What Can You Do Outside?

  • Go fishing: What’s more relaxing than sitting in the middle of a lake or on a dock with a fishing line? Not much. Take a fishing trip to a local lake and spend the day on the water. Make sure to bring plenty of supplies, including your rod, bait and lures. If you’re going further than normal, be sure to check your vehicle’s tires to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. Oh, and don’t forget to bring extra food and water in case of emergency.
  • Tend your garden: Gardening is a great way to get outdoors without putting a lot of strain on your body. Set aside some time every morning (when it’s nice and cool) to head out to the garden to plant seeds, pull weeds, or prune your plants.
  • Go on a walk: Take a stroll around your neighborhood with your spouse, go on a long walk with your kids and grandkids, or find a walking group to meet new people. There are plenty of ways to meet other seniors who go walking and hiking on a regular basis, so branch out and find the right group for you. It’s important you know how hard you can push your body, though. Be sure to bring enough water with you, and know the signs of heat exhaustion just in case you get too warm in the sun.
  • Practice yoga: Calm your mind and relax your body with some outdoor meditation and yoga. Find a shady spot in your yard, or join an outdoor yoga group. You may want to consult your doctor before starting to practice yoga or if you want to increase the difficulty of your poses.
  • Take a bike ride: This is another great way to get outside and get some exercise. It’s easy on your joints, but also helps you maintain and build muscle. It also is a great way to meet new friends. Similar to walking and hiking, there are senior biking groups that will keep you motivated to get out of the house and into the outdoors.

Being outside boosts your mental and physical health and provides you with a variety of activities to try. Don’t stay inside when the spring weather is calling you to head outdoors.

Seniors Guide Staff

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