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6/5/2013 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Ask The Expert: Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

Dr. Robert Daly, M.D., FCCP, Medical Director of Select Specialty Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana

Q: What is Select Specialty Hospital?

A: Select Specialty Hospital focuses on extended hospital care for the medically complex, catastrophically injured and chronically critically ill patient. These specialized acute care hospitals fill the gap in services between short-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing homes or subacute facilities. The average stay for patients is usually longer than a traditional hospital and averages around 25 days. Select Specialty Hospital meets the needs of patients who no longer require the ICU, yet whose medical conditions are too complex for transfer to a lower level of care. Treatment programs center around providing the highest level of care required to maximize the clinical outcomes of the patient.

Q: What types of patients does Select Medical Hospital admit?

A: Select Specialty Hospital admits patients who are medically complex, catastrophically injured or critically ill. This includes patients who have experienced Trauma, Head Injury (i.e. Stroke), Respiratory Failure, Post-Surgical Complications, Long-Term IV Therapies, Wound Care, Dialysis, Multi-System Failures, tones, and wood and tile accents contribute to an overall appeal of balance and restoration.

Q: What is the discharge planning approach?

A:  A patient may be discharged to home typically with home care or to a rehabilitation hospital, subacute facility or nursing home. Patients and their families are assisted with discharge plans by the case managers. Each patient’s clinical plan of care is reviewed and discharge goals are set. The patient and the family are encouraged to participate in discharge goal setting. Every effort is made to educate the patient and the family about the patient’s discharge needs, available funding and community resources.

Q: Is Select Specialty Hospital covered by most insurance plans and are you accredited or certified?

A: Yes, Select Specialty Hospital is approved by most insurance plans and accepts various reimbursement structures. The Admissions Coordinator and case manager will assist with any out-of-network plan provisions or negotiations that may be required. Select is licensed as an acute care specialty hospital, is Medicare Certified and accredited by The Joint Commission.

“Questions You Should Consider when Choosing an LTACH (Long-Term Acute Care Hospital)”

(01) Can you admit patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
(02) What is staff turnover; agency utilization?
(03) What services are provided by the Facility; what services are outsourced?
(04) What is your re-admission rate back to the hospital?
(05) What benchmarks do you use to measure quality?
(06) What is the plan for Emergency Care?
(07) What therapy programs do you offer?
(08) What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?
(09) How will the clinical team communicate with me and/or my family?
(10) Will I see my physician daily?  Are specialty physicians available for consults?

Dr. Robert Daly, M.D., FCCP – Dr. Daly has been with Indiana Internal Medicine since 1978.  He is board certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care. Dr. Daly attended Indiana University where he also completed his fellowship, residency and internship.  He is a fellow with the American College of Chest Physicians, and holds memberships with Indiana Thoracic Society and the Society of Critical Care Medicine. He is also the Medical Director for Select Specialty Hospital and is involved with the Medical Executive Committee.  Dr. Daly is the Chairman of the Indianapolis Air Pollution Control Board.

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