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7/15/2021 | By Seniors Guide Staff

The math is simple: retirement funds aren’t cutting it for modern lifestyle needs anymore. The full retirement age in the U.S. stands at 66, with an average life expectancy of around 95 years. Now consider the fact that the average balance of retirement savings accounts in the U.S. is nearly $255,200. This comes to around $700 a month for 30 years of post-retirement life. This is why so many American seniors are choosing post-retirement jobs!

Many seniors extend their work life into what is called a “rolling retirement” – a time of low-stress jobs after retirement to earn some extra income and keep themselves occupied. We’ve got five easy job ideas that will utilize your years of experience and pad up your savings fund.

Personal Coach/Mentor

Utilize all your years of knowledge, learnings, and work experience! The personal development sector is booming, and people are willing to pay big bucks to be mentored through their difficulties. Building a roster of clients and getting certified could go a long way in increasing your rates, so definitely consider that if you get into this profession.


According to Kiplinger, consulting is one of the best post-retirement jobs to bridge between working full-time and complete retirement. The benefits? You get to work in the field of your previous job, make your own hours, and utilize networks you’ve built up through the years. If you’re not yet ready to leave your old job, you can even tie up with your former organization to consult for them.

Business Owner

Starting your own home-based business has never been so easy; this could even be one of the best retirement jobs from home! There are countless e-commerce and online shop options to set you up. You could sell anything from creative candles to web courses, but, whatever your business, you’ll need to set up payroll. As a business owner, you will want paid accurately and on time, as will any employees you bring on board. First, get acquainted with payroll-related terms and concepts, then look into simplifying and streamlining the process with automated payroll software like QuickBooks.

House Sitter

This is a great gig for those who want to earn money while doing their own thing. By minding houses while the owners are away, you’ll be performing small chores like lawn mowing or feeding pets. This leaves you with more than enough time to read, cook, or get started on setting up your business or consulting work. Bonus: it’s one of the most fun post-retirement jobs because you get to enjoy a change of scenery and switch up your everyday routine.

Tutor/ Professor

Utilize your skillset! Whether you’re good at math, crocheting, art, or physics, there is always someone out there wanting to learn your skill. Good Housekeeping notes that many online platforms will allow for free signups and let you set up your own rate with students. If you have a more specialized skill, universities and colleges have salaried instructor positions specifically for knowledgeable seniors. Substitute teachers and aides are also coveted and salaried positions. Be sure to look up job listings regularly, as teaching jobs are in high demand.

We hope these jobs inspire you to get out there and help add to your retirement fund, while still enjoying the peace of retirement. If you’re at all nervous about rejoining the workforce, remember that this is the new normal for most seniors, and is extremely beneficial in the long run. If you’re looking for more ideas, consider freelancing, driving for Uber, becoming a caregiver or a coach – the options are truly in your favor and it is only as difficult as starting!

Seniors Guide Staff

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