Find Senior Living in Tidewater, VA

Encompassing the east coast of Virginia, Tidewater offers a laid back and leisurely lifestyle for its senior residents.

Let the fresh coastal air infuse your senses in Tidewater! Many seniors and retirees have found a comfortable community to settle into alongside or near the coast. The region, stretching along the entire east edge of the state, offers senior facilities of all types. Find more independent adult communities like CCRCs, senior apartments, and active adult living; or tour the area’s array of welcoming assisted living or skilled nursing homes. In addition, the coast is filled with high quality hospitals and medical centers, in close range to many local senior communities.

But Tidewater has many other attractive features that regularly bring residents and visitors to its area. Find, of course, many opportunities for water activities such as fishing and sailing. Enjoy other facets such as art, history, and dining. Or, simply sit back and allow the fresh coastal air to lure you in!

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