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As people continue to eat more meals at home, shoppers everywhere are feeling the pinch of increasing prices on nearly every item at the grocery store. This is certainly true for seniors on fixed incomes without much wiggle room in their budgets. With almost one-third of Americans spending at least $100 per week on groceries, many are now looking for ways to save money on groceries without sacrificing quality.

In fact, 7 in 10 people (71%) are more likely to shop on a budget now than prior to the pandemic, according to a survey released by Malt-O-Meal.

As you look for ways to save money on groceries, consider these hacks:

Create a budget

While you may have a number in mind you hope to spend weekly (or monthly) on groceries, it may not be sustainable. Start by determining how much you spend over the course of a few weeks and use that number to identify patterns in your spending and set a more accurate grocery budget. From there, it may be easier to find places to adjust, like buying certain items in bulk or switching to value brands.

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Seek out value

The top two factors consumers prioritize at the grocery store are quality (34%) and price (30%), according to the survey. To help save money on groceries while still buying high-quality products, one of the top tactics shoppers have used is purchasing food from value brands.

One such option is bagged cereal from Malt-O-Meal, which is available in 36 ready-to-eat flavors at affordable prices, packaged in re-sealable bags.

“Our survey found cold cereal is the No. 1 choice for breakfast during busy mornings,” said Mike Porter, Malt-O-Meal brand director. “We’ve always been committed to providing top-quality cereal at an affordable price per serving. We know this is more important than ever right now as shoppers and their families strive to start their mornings with a convenient breakfast while keeping a close eye on the budget.”

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Look for in-season produce

happy couple grocery shopping in the produce aisle. photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd Dreamstime. Shoppers feeling the pinch of increasing prices at the grocery store benefit from hacks to save money on groceries without losing quality.

When trying to save money at the grocery store, sticking to in-season produce can get you the most bang for your buck. When fresh fruits and vegetables are out of season, stores typically charge more for them since they’re not as readily available. Planning your meals around in-season produce can not only help save money, but also put the best-tasting fruits and veggies on the table.

Be sure not to buy more than you can use. Not only is wasted produce a waste of your money, it is harmful for the environment, too.

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Make a list

Creating a weekly meal plan and grocery list before you leave the house can reduce the chances of buying things you don’t need. Knowing exactly what you need for weekly meals and to replenish essentials – and sticking to that list – can help ensure you don’t spend money on products you won’t use.

Shop alone

When shopping with other members of your family, like your children or significant other, the odds of straying from your list can increase. To help limit the chance of being coaxed into buying things you don’t actually need, go to the grocery store alone and stick to your list.

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Scan sales flyers to save money on groceries

Grocery stores run various promotions each week that can help you save on everything from meat and eggs to ice cream and other frozen foods. A simple way to save is checking the weekly ads at the grocery stores in your area. Shopping at a different store than usual may allow you to take advantage of different sales, and those items are often located in prominent areas of the store, like near the entrance or at the end of aisles, to make them easy to find.

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