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5/29/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

The new generation of residents taking over senior living is revolutionizing the world of activities. The three B’s – bingo, Bible study, and birthday parties – just aren’t cutting it anymore. And this is for the best, according to Natalie Davis, Texas-based gerontological activity consultant. She says, “We’re past just trying to fill time. We want to enrich their lives.” The new crop of senior activities is personalized, educational, and fun.

One of the best trends is individualizing the activities, instead of a community assuming that “one size fits all.” If residents enjoy trying new foods, for example, the community leaders can introduce cooking classes or arrange trips to local specialty restaurants. Literary-minded residents can join a book club. And while there’s nothing wrong with a traditional game of bingo, there is more to life in a modern senior living community. Here are some unique modern-day activities going on at communities around the country.


Many senior communities offer classes about technology and help with using devices. Tech has the power to enrich our lives, from communication to entertainment, to health care. Seniors can learn how to use the latest video chat application to keep in touch with grandkids, how to stream their favorite shows on a tablet, or play games on a smartphone. Tech-focused activities and classes can help seniors keep up with technology.

Cooking and Dining

For those who love being in the kitchen, a move to senior housing might mean losing the sense of creativity and independence cooking meals can bring. Fortunately, many senior communities host cooking classes and chef demonstrations. Food and dining are also important social occasions, and many communities hold happy hour events, where residents can have a glass of wine, beer, or a cocktail. Some communities host wine tastings, and pair wines with gourmet snacks. Others may take an excursion to a vineyard.

Lifelong Learning

Many communities offer college-style courses, some even taught by university professors. At the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in New York, residents take part in “Hebrew Home University,” a program that consists of six- to eight-week courses. The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods in Sarasota, Florida features a whole course catalog, with classes ranging from art history to hula to marine biology.

Some senior communities are actually located on college campuses, and residents can audit college courses. Mirabella at Arizona State University, Lasell College and Village in Massachusetts, and Kendal at Oberlin are some of the senior living facilities and universities that have partnered to offer college courses and activities to senior residents.


From drum circles to karaoke, seniors are making music at many communities. At Concordia at Villa St. Joseph in Pennsylvania, residents enjoy singing in the vocal choir, playing in the bell choir, and attending concerts. Music is a great way to connect with others, whether you’re listening or participating. Music choices are keeping up with residents’ tastes, too. Don’t be surprised to see a ’50s and ’60s rock and roll cover band on the activity calendar!

Arts and Crafts

Whether you’ve been a lifelong craftsperson or just looking to pick up a retirement hobby, modern senior communities have you covered. Woodworking shops, pottery studios, jewelry making, painting, and art therapy are some of the more creative activities at some senior communities. Artistic pursuits are great for the mind and result in something fun to share or wear.   

Fitness and Sports

Modern senior living communities offer fitness options for a variety of ability levels. Pickleball, hiking, strength training, yoga, and aerobics classes might be available for more active seniors. Low-impact aerobics, water fitness, and tai chi might appeal to seniors looking for something less strenuous.

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