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Welcome to Friendship Pharmacy and Emporium!

Residents and friends can fill prescriptions quickly and conveniently at Friendship Pharmacy and Emporium. The pharmacy also sells various daily things such as medical supplies, paper towels, and snacks.

Friendship Pharmacy and Emporium’s Check-Up program supports our customers in learning about all of their medications. This program provides consumers with a greater understanding of each prescription and the possible side effects of combining various prescriptions. Furthermore, our pharmacist, your physician, and you collaborate to determine your needs’ best solution.

Our Pharmacy Also Offers:

  • Delivery of requested items to the door of all on-campus residents and the surrounding community.
  • On-Staff pharmacist to answer questions about medications or possible drug interactions.
  • Prices that are competitive with national pharmacy chain.
  • Acceptance of Medicare Part D and other drug benefit plans.
  • Finding specialty medications that may be hard to obtain.
  • Coordination with your previous pharmacy for easy transfer of your prescriptions.
  • Communication with your doctor if you need additional refills.
  • Can arrange flexible payment with an in-store charge account. We also accept checks and all major credit cards.
  • DISPILL: this allows for the ability to take medications at the appropriately prescribed time, even when on the go. It serves as a visual reminder of when prescriptions need refilling, encouraging more timely refills and adherence to doctor’s orders. The pack can accommodate up to 18 medications of the morning, noon, evening, and nightly doses for 31 days.
  • ScripTalk Stations: The pharmacy can attach a small electronic tag or talking label to your prescription container. It contains data that is on the printed label. Place your container on the ScripTalk Station Reader and hear the label information spoken aloud.
  • ScripView: The pharmacy can attach a large print label to the prescription container. The booklet style lets you easily read the information in a clear 18 point font. You can also scan a corresponding 2D bar code with a smartphone to access detailed drug data.

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