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No Matter Your Age, Poison Centers Save Lives

Ready 24/7 across the country, our helpline provides fast and free treatment advice directly from a Certified Nurse, Pharmacist, or Doctor, not a recording.

Safety Tips

Prevent accidents or mishaps by considering the following warnings:

1. Medication Errors

Changes to daily routines, distractions, stress and potentially decreased caregiver support may increase the risk of medication errors, such as double dosing or taking the wrong medication.

2. Safe Storage

Cleaners, sanitizers, and other substances can pose poison risk if not properly stored safely and out of the reach of children, this includes older adult medications.

3. Self-Medicating

Using products that claim to treat illnesses like COVID-19 can have serious or even life-threatening effects. Call the Poison Helpline if you are unsure if a substance is safe.

Poison Control at Your Fingertips

  • Text POISON to 797979 to add Poison Control as a contact in your mobile phone.

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