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Intensive Hospital-Based Therapy for Patients

Acute Rehabilitation Center is a part of Centra, a non-profit regional health care system with national recognition for several areas of service excellence.

Located at Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital, the Acute Rehabilitation Center provides intensive hospital-based therapy for patients who can tolerate at least three hours of physical, occupational and/or speech therapy per day and may have medical needs requiring physician intervention.

Patients with neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and multiple traumas often require the intensity provided in an acute rehabilitation center. An evaluation by the admissions team will help determine if a patient will benefit from this program.

Once admitted, a coordinated team of experienced professionals works closely with the patient and family who are considered the most important members of the team.

The rehab team works together under the direction of a full time medical director who is a physiatrist, a physician who specializes in rehabilitation and recovery.

Our goal is to restore as much function as possible. Areas addressed in therapy include mobility training, strength and endurance, communication, self-care, emotional well being, recreation and nutrition.

A majority of the patients that complete an acute rehabilitation program are able to return home.