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1/15/2015 | By Seniors Guide Staff

PACE Expert Dixie Turner, MSW

Centra PACE social worker for Centra PACE in Lynchburg, Virginia

Q: What is the PACE program?

A: PACE is a national program of comprehensive care, which promotes independence and the highest levels of functioning while allowing choice and dignity for members and their families.

This is possible because of the comprehensive services delivered by an interdisciplinary team of professionals made up of a primary care physician, registered nurses, a masters level social worker, health aides, transportation personnel, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians and activity personnel. The team works with participants and their families to develop a tailored plan of care, which is monitored closely and updated as needed.

PACE participants can be picked up from their home each morning and brought to the PACE Center. They participate in social activities, eat a hot lunch with friends and receive medical assistance as needed from a dedicated, compassionate care team. At the end of the day, the PACE van takes the participants back home to enjoy family, friends and the surroundings they know and love. Centra PACE provides families with peace of mind that their loved one is cared for properly and with compassion.

Q: Who is eligible for PACE?

A: PACE is a comprehensive program for adults 55 years of age and older who meet the criteria for nursing facility placement, prefer to stay at home and have an assessment indicating that living at home with the support of the PACE program is a safe alternative. The Centra PACE mission is to enhance life for older adults with chronic needs by providing compassionate, quality care and services. PACE strives to achieve this mission by empowering participants to live in their homes and in the community for as long as it is medically and socially safe.

Q: What services are provided in the PACE program?

A: The Centra PACE Center provides primary medical care from doctors, nurses and therapists. Other services include adult day care, prescription medicines, vision, hearing and dental care, rehabilitation and therapy services, meals, transportation to and from specialists and 24-hour, on-call physician services.

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Dixie Turner, MSW, Centra Pace Social Worker – Dixie is known as the “Face of PACE” in the Farmville service area. She has been working for Centra PACE prior to the opening of the Farmville center in 2012. She is a Nottoway County native and knows the community well. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dixie is an advocate for older adults and enjoys assisting them in getting the services that best meet their needs. When someone has questions about PACE, Dixie is likely their first contact. Her enthusiasm for PACE and interest in helping older adults in the community is unmistakable!

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