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8/8/2013 | By Seniors Guide Staff

(Original article from Reuters Health)

Chocolate Improves Health, Prevents Alzheimer’s?

Can Alzheimer’s be prevented by eating more chocolate?  According to a new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, we may have an excuse to eat chocolate and not feel as guilty in our indulgences.

Not only have studies been done on brain functionality and thinking skills improved through cocoa chocolate, but similar studies have found that eating chocolate (or components of chocolate) have been known to lower blood pressure and reduce the number of strokes in older adults.

This most recent study out of Boston focused on participants drinking hot chocolate cocoa every day for one month.  More specifically the compound in chocolate “flavanol” is what this particular study found most helpful to the health of seniors ages 73+.

Dark Chocolate is also known for similar health improvements with Alzheimer’s patients.  Not only do the compounds of dark chocolate aid in brain functionality, but if eaten before a meal, studies have shown that your stomach will get “full” faster which will make you consume less food.

So chocolate is good for you?  It could help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, improve overall thinking skills, lowers blood pressures, AND reduces strokes?  Sign me up!

Seniors Guide Staff

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