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Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, you can ensure you’re getting the most for your money with a little extra planning. These savvy shopping tips can help you score the most savings and added benefits while staying within your budget.

5 savvy shopping tips

1. Time your purchase

Before any big purchase, spend time researching the product and retailers to find potential upcoming sales or promotions. Also be conscious of the calendar and holidays or gift-giving events that might prompt special offers on an item you’re looking to buy. Another smart strategy: shopping end-of-season sales when items are marked down to make way for new inventory.

Bonus savvy shopping tip:

By postponing the purchase for a few days, you might even find you don’t really need the item after all!

2. Use digital shopping tools

You may be leery of signing up for promotional emails, but remember – it’s only junk mail if it isn’t useful. Putting your name on mailing lists of your favorite retailers and brands is a good way to get early or exclusive access to special offers and coupons. Downloadable browser extensions and plug-ins are other cost-saving tools that are increasingly popular. When you’re shopping with one or more of these tools installed, your browser automatically checks for coupons or price comparisons that allow you to get the best available deal.

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Bonus savvy shopping tip:

Sign up for a free email address, such as through Google or Yahoo, and dedicate that to shopping. That way, you can avoid clogging your personal email box.

3. Shop refurbished

Man shopping for electronics - Photo by Tatsiana Yatsevich, Dreamstime. These savvy shopping tips help you score the most savings and added benefits, staying within your budget and getting the most for your money.

Whether it be for savings or sustainability (or both) refurbished products are a top choice among savvy shoppers trying to stay within budget. An option like eBay Refurbished delivers quality, like-new products at deep discounts from premium brands that are thoroughly vetted to meet high performance standards. You can shop across multiple condition grades and a wide range of price points within categories like tablets, smartwatches, laptops, desktops, and smartphones – giving you more choice and the reassurance of buying a product that fits your specific needs and budget. Score big savings on trusted refurbished products at

Bonus savvy shopping tip:

Shopping refurbished is easy on the pocketbook and the planet. With inflation and scarcity issues remaining top of mind for consumers, shopping refurbished provides another option to buy in-demand products. In addition to value and availability, sustainability is another motivator for purchasing like-new.

Shopping for refurbished goods, such as those from eBay Refurbished, extends the life of the product and reduces harmful waste. For example, the United States Environmental Protections Agency estimates:

  • Purchasing a refurbished desktop computer displaces the energy used to charge more than 30,000 smartphones.
  • Purchasing a refurbished TV displaces around 360 miles driven in a car.
  • Purchasing a refurbished gaming console displaces around 180 miles driven in a car.

4. Save on shipping

woman shopping online - photo by Nyul, Dreamstime. These savvy shopping tips help you score the most savings and added benefits, staying within your budget and getting the most for your money.

When you’re researching an online purchase and comparing prices, be sure to factor shipping into your total cost. Many retailers offer free shipping once you spend a certain amount, extend free shipping to preferred shoppers, or offer periodic shipping promotions, so it’s worth exploring the options. Also beware that buying items on sale can drop you below free shipping minimums, so ultimately you pay more than you would have by paying full price.

Bonus savvy shopping tip:

In some cases, you can save money by having an item shipped to the local brick-and-mortar store and picking it up there – but be sure to factor in your time and fuel if the store isn’t nearby.

5. Take advantage of benefits

Understanding the terms of your purchase can help protect you if there’s a problem and may even allow you to take advantage of special rewards. Before finalizing a transaction, check into the warranty options. Even refurbished products can come with warranties for a specified time. For example, all eBay Refurbished products are backed by one- or two-year warranties. Some retailers offer money back incentives on certain purchases. Others offer rewards programs, giving points for discounts on future purchases.

Bonus savvy shopping tips:

  • Extra warranties aren’t always worthwhile. In fact, your credit card company may already offer extended warranties on purchases.
  • When signing up for a rewards program, notice if the rewards expire. If so, ask yourself: would I be tempted to make an unnecessary purchase later in order to beat the expiration?

Use these savvy shopping tips to stretch your budget and make your money go further. After all, a little savings is good for the morale!

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