2/22/2022 | By Faith Boluwatife

Seniors Guide suggests five online multiplayer games for seniors, allowing them to connect with friends and family to experience the social and mental benefits of game play.

No matter the age, people like to have fun. Unfortunately, aging, health issues, and mobility problems can make it increasingly difficult to hang out, head to the movies, or dash to a fancy restaurant with their friends.

For some older adults, cognitive issues or hand-eye coordination can provide additional challenge in some game play. But growing older doesn’t mean people have to miss out on all the fun and benefits.

By finding interesting online games to play together, even from the comfort of our recliners, we can stay engaged with friends and loved ones. We have fun, connect, and keep our brains healthy and alert – a benefit for people of all ages. In fact, kid-friendly online games can help connect the generations.

Online Multiplayer Games for Seniors

If you’re looking for online games to play with the seniors in your life – or if you’re the senior looking to connect with friends and family – we’ve selected some interesting and captivating ones you can try.

1. Scrabble

Many people just love a good old word challenge. It can remind us of our days of solving crossword puzzles in the newspapers. The good thing is that there are many online variations of the game that seniors can download and enjoy.

Some of these games even have a chat feature where players can communicate with their online scrabble partners to talk about the game or their next moves. Working our brains to piece letters together to form words keeps us alert. You can find free Scrabble games on websites like Pogo or on smartphone apps.

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2. Chess

Chess is a top-rated game that many seniors have enjoyed for years – or that they can enjoy learning now that life’s commitments have eased. Being able to strategize and map out moves will give older adults a way to stay mentally active and engaged.

You can get online chess for free at or as a smartphone app.

3. UNO

The original UNO card game was developed in 1971, modeled after Crazy Eights, and has been a favorite of friends and families in the decades since. The advent of the online version of the game makes it an enjoyable option for connecting across the miles.

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4. Jigsaw Puzzles

Many families have memories of working together to solve jigsaw puzzles, at home or even on vacation – that puzzle on the cabin coffee table that we all contributed to finishing.

Online versions like JigsawExplorer’s multiplayer puzzles can give us that same experience, even when we can’t be together.

5. Checkers

The game of checkers brings to mind old-time country stores and peaceful evenings at home. This low-difficulty game can easily engage seniors and opponents of all ages, even the grandkids. Several platforms and companies offer multiplayer options of the game, like the aptly named Checkers Apple app. Find the one that works best for your players.

Helping your seniors stay mentally active is great for their brain health and allows you to bond with them even when you can’t be together. These easy and accessible online games will help you achieve just that.

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