Downsizing and Real Estate

4/21/2021 | By Rachel Marsh

Need to sell a home – and fast? Look no further than USA Homebuyers. The company works with individuals who need to get a house off of their hands as quickly as possible, no matter the reason. USA Homebuyers will purchase the property at a fair price, and without any of the hassles associated with selling a home.

While USA Homebuyers can assist in a wide variety of situations, like divorce or sudden relocation, they’ve become a reliable resource for the senior population. When seniors have to relocate to a retirement home or assisted living facility, this move is frequently sudden and based on immediate necessity. This type of transition brings its own set of challenges and stress; and on top of it all, the issue of the senior’s now-vacant home has to be dealt with – a burden often left to the family. USA Homebuyers can purchase a senior’s home quickly, with little to no hassle. The company offers payment upfront, which clients can use to help cover assisted living or nursing home costs.

USA Homebuyers even works with a local moving company, and is able to move the resident’s furniture and belongings to their new facility. But no need to sort through it all; residents can pick the things that they need, and USA Homebuyers will handle disposal of everything else. “Basically, we can be the one-stop shop to get it all handled,” says Todd Miller, owner of USA Homebuyers.

Live in a different city or state from your elderly loved one? The USA Homebuyers services are ideal for out-of-town family members who need to sell their relative’s house quickly to avoid a long, drawn-out sell from a distance. They can buy a house in as little as five days!

The staff at USA Homebuyers aim to make the process as quick and pain-free as possible. They remove the burden of having to do any home repairs or updates before closing the sale – they will often purchase a home in “as is” condition. They’ll even accept a fully-furnished house, or one still filled with belongings.

Before the process even begins, each potential client receives a free evaluation. From there, every case comes with a team of experts tailored to the needs of the situation, including attorneys, finance companies, contractors, title agents, and inspectors. They guarantee to keep the procedure straightforward and professional, and provide clients with proper documentation every step of the way. There are no hidden fees, no employee commissions, and no ulterior motives. Plus, the buying team will take care of all necessary paperwork, settlement details, and closing costs to make the process as brief and uncomplicated as possible.

They promise to offer reasonable pricing, and are able to pay upfront in cash, or through financing for a larger sum total over a period of time.

Since 2009, USA Homebuyers has completed over 500 transactions, and have expanded so that they now serve the entire state of Virginia. Says Miller, “We take pride in revitalizing properties that have been neglected … and raising the community up.”

Call USA Homebuyers today for a hassle-free, no obligation quote at 804-424-4062.

Rachel Marsh

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Rachel Marsh