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2/11/2019 | By Seniors Guide Staff

It’s typically easy to see signs that our loved ones may be aging quickly and perhaps struggling with their health or not able to do things they did with ease in the past. Do we always use the same objective reasoning when we evaluate our own health when it declines quicker than we would like? What if there was a way to preserve our health for just a little longer?

In a US News article titled “Why De-Cluttering is Good for your Health,” psychiatrist, Dr. Robert London says, “…clutter leads to anxiety, embarrassment, family stresses-some kind of despair.” Despair! If we were able to live with less anxiety, embarrassment, family stresses, and despair, don’t you think we would look and feel better overall? It certainly seems that we would at least feel a great sense of accomplishment by de-cluttering even a small closet or kitchen cabinet…imagine de-cluttering our entire home!

De-cluttering frees our minds and allows us to make bigger and better choices. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play an instrument or take dance lessons. When our homes are de-cluttered, so are our minds, leaving us with free time to make big choices.There are also physical benefits to de-cluttering. A de-cluttered home leaves room for getting around easier and lowers our risk for falls or other accidents where a cluttered home is the root cause.

Psychology Today lists 6 Benefits of an Uncluttered Space:

  1. De-cluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy
  2. De-cluttering is energizing
  3. Cleaning and organizes reduces anxiety
  4. De-cluttering allows mind wandering and (sometimes) involves physical activity
  5. De-cluttering can reduce relationship and family tension
  6. When you de-clutter, you often find lost treasures

Story after story shows that a de-cluttered outside (our home or office space) leads to a de-cluttered inside (our brains), and that’s a good thing.

Many Indianapolis residents are choosing to age in place or at least live at home longer than in years past. Organization is pertinent to living a longer, healthier life. Staying organized can take some work, but with help from professionals who are trained and qualified to help senior citizens; downsizing, de-cluttering, and keeping things organized becomes manageable.

Sara McCord, Business Development Representative at Alta Healthcare, Inc explains, “We are in the business of meeting our clients where they are to assist with maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment.” And Lisa Treadwell, Downsizing Coach and host of the Indy Senior Living Series, a monthly outreach to Indianapolis area seniors, explains, “A safe and comfortable living environment often means de-cluttering and even downsizing.”

For more information about living a longer, healthier life in your home-or even downsizing into a smaller, more manageable space, contact Lisa Treadwell by phone (317.246.9966) or email (

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