Downsizing and Real Estate

4/24/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

So you’re ready to either move from your home, or get rid of some of that clutter.  When you’re ready to start downsizing, keep in mind these tips from our friends at Crowning Touch, in Roanoke, Virginia:

1. Don’t wait too long.

The average age of someone finally leaving their home of many years is 82.

2. Do consult and involve your family.

Seek out honest communication with your children and grandchildren who will ultimately have to get behind your decisions.

3. Don’t try to take it all.

You can achieve much of the same ambience you currently enjoy by focusing on strategic pieces of furniture.

4. Do be generous.

Enjoy this time in your life and be a blessing to those that are still in the acquisition phase.

5. Don’t overvalue what you need to dispose of or sell.

6. Do count your blessings on a daily basis.

If you are downsizing it is only because you have a superabundance.

7. Don’t overexert yourself in an effort to conquer this “downsizing” project.

Allow plenty of time and take small bites.

8. Do accept help from whoever offers it, especially your children.

9. Don’t let fear of the unknown swallow you up.

This phase of life, full of uncertainties, is no different than most of the other phases we have lived through.

10. Do stay focused on the goal and anticipate the rewards of a reformatted life style.

There will be many pluses, including new friends and countless, joyful experiences to buoy you up as you move forward in Life.

Linda Balentine is the Founder and CEO of Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services in Roanoke Virginia.  Learn more at or visit their consignment shop and auction gallery at 6704 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Virginia or call (540) 982-5800.

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