Assisted Living

1/16/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

Assisted living holds a stigma among many seniors because the words imply a loss of freedom and independence, but that simply isn’t so. Services such as Friendship at Home take assisted living to a whole new level, allowing seniors to live in a comfortable, independent fashion at home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons seniors decide to forego assisted living.

Leaving Home Behind

Approximately 85% of seniors avoid assisted living simply because they don’t want to leave home. It’s hard to uproot and move somewhere new when one has lived in a place for 10, 20 or even 30+ years. Friendship at Home allows seniors to receive the benefits of assisted living without the need to relocate to a facility. This helps seniors maintain their standard of life, independence and sense of freedom, which is essential for mental health. There is no place like home when it comes to assisted living and care services.

Negative Perceptions of Assisted Care Facilities

Assisted care facilities tend to have a bad reputation, given that some facilities aren’t kept up the way they should be. Also, there is the perception that staff members aren’t always available to help when they’re needed. Whether it’s the quality of the food or the attitude of residents and staff members, assisted living may seem unappealing. However, Friendship at Home changes the dynamic of assisted living, doing away with the negative perceptions and connotations of assisted care facilities. Care at home is exactly that, so seniors will be able to remain comfortable among their own possessions and memories.

Disagreement Among Family Members

Often family members cannot agree where to send their loved one when it comes to selecting an assisted living facility. There also tends to be a disagreement between seniors and their children regarding the need for assisted care or relocation. Friendship at Home removes this contention entirely because the service advocates aging in place. Seniors do not have to leave the comfort of their home because assisted living personnel come to them. Arguments among family members about care for mom or dad can create tension, strife and bad feelings. Aging in place makes it easier for seniors to live a good life and for family members to get along, which is invaluable over the long run.

There is no reason to suffer and go without assisted living when seniors can receive assistance right in their own homes. The myths about senior care don’t apply to Friendship at Home, we promise. For further information on in-home care, please contact us today.

Seniors Guide Staff

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