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8/29/2017 | By Seniors Guide Staff

What’s the cost of residential care for seniors in Indiana?

When you or your loved one can no longer stay at home, several options are available, and the cost for each depends largely on where the facility is located and the range of services and amenities included.

Active Adult Homes

These are homes specifically built for retirement-age adults in planned communities. Designed for low maintenance and ease of access, they offer plenty of amenities. One can expect to pay a premium for living in these planned communities.

  • Cost info: As expected, there is a wide range of prices associated with this type of senior residential living. Detached homes will cost more than condos, and more amenities and more space also increase prices.

A broad survey shows that choices begin in the mid-$100,000 range and go up to the low $400,000s, mostly based on location.

Independent Living / Retirement Communities

These are for active and independent retirement-age residents who are in charge of their own lives. Residents can select from a range of housing options and a wealth of activities, clubs and classes.

  • Cost info: The average cost of for staying at an independent living community in Indiana is $2,135 per month.

Assisted Living in Indiana

These facilities offer otherwise independent residents help with a broad menu of daily activities such as bathing, management of medications, transportation to doctor appointments, and meal prep. This environment accommodates a degree of independent living in a socially enriched environment.

  • Cost info: The average cost across the state is $3,528 per month. Terra Haute residents can expect a monthly fee of $2,555 while those in Evansville will pay closer to $3,555.

Skilled Nursing Care / Nursing Homes

Registered nurses provide the care and residents receive help with hygiene and prescription management. Many social activities and special events are made available to residents.

  • Cost info: The average cost ranges from $6,388 to $7,655 per month, depending on locality and room type. Private rooms will cost about 15% more than semi-private rooms.

Indiana Memory Care (also known as Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care)

This type of specialized care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s is usually available as an add-on service at assisted living facilities.

Cost Info: The most recent figures show that the average monthly cost of assisted living in Indiana is approximately $3,578. In Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, and Columbus, the monthly cost is quite a bit higher, averaging between $3,900 and $4,550 per month.

Rehabilitation Care

These are temporary but round-the-clock services that can be provided at home or in special facilities. It includes therapy and care that allows seniors to regain their strength and abilities after a life-altering event.

  • Cost info: The cost ranges from $5,190 to $6,510 per month, depending on locality and type of room.

Senior Apartments in Indiana (also known as senior-friendly apartments)

These apartments are designed for ease of living, low maintenance, and often a luxurious lifestyle. They offer the still-independent senior a dwelling and a community that caters strictly to seniors.

  • Cost info: The average monthly cost is $2,135.

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