Aging In Place

3/17/2015 | By Seniors Guide Staff

We all want our homes to be our sanctuaries, but there’s an increasing need for them to be the height of comfort as we get older. After all, following a lifetime of hard work, it’s time for your home to be your haven. In an effort to experience an abundance of health and vitality in your later years, it’s important to evaluate all areas of your life and look for spots that can be renewed. Your home may not be the first place you’d think of when figuring out how to become healthier, but it really has the power to heal—or cause illness, when ignored. Here are a few tips for upgrading your life by upgrading your home.

Evict Allergens

Oftentimes, pets and carpeting get the lion’s share of blame for indoor allergens. But while these two things can be contributing factors, they’re usually just one part of a far bigger picture. Allergens can lurk nearly everywhere and find uncommon places to make their entrance. One such place is through your roof. If you’ve been in your home for a long time, chances are your roof could be in need of some attention.

Most average homes in the U.S. are built with roofs that are prone to leaks and drafts. This type of exposure to the outdoors can result in a buildup of excessive moisture and be a great big entryway for allergens. To keep these at bay, consider investing in a replacement roof. Companies like Champion Home Exteriors produce high-quality roofs made with protective shingles that carry a lifetime warranty policy, so it will be the last roof you purchase. While a new roof is a significant investment, you can be certain allergens will stay where they belong—outside.

Reduce Toxins

Huffington Post reported some shocking stats about toxins in common household products. Did you know that 73 chemicals commonly found in common consumer products have been linked to tumor growth, and that exposure to toxic chemicals may lead to Alzheimer’s disease, certain types of cancers, and asthma? Chemicals are everywhere, and the odds are good that plenty of them are loitering in your home right this minute. Some of the worst offenders are found in cleaning products, perfumes and air fresheners. It’s unfortunate, but the items that we use to clean our homes could be slowly poisoning our bodies.

In order to lessen your risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals, make some changes to the way you shop. Seek out green cleaning products, or use a green cleaning service if you bring someone in to clean your home. If you regularly have your clothes dry cleaned, look for a green dry cleaning service that uses safe ingredients, as well. Throw out any plug-in air fresheners you own, and get rid of that perfume and cologne while you’re at it. You may find your allergies decrease without these contaminants running rampant in your living space, and you can rest easy knowing you’re protecting your body in tangible ways.

Swear Off Being Sedentary

Finally, it’s time you reordered your home to be more conducive to an active lifestyle. Your home may be arranged for convenience, but that may not be working in your favor. Instead of aiming for easy, shoot for lively. If you have room available for a home gym, get one set up immediately. If you don’t, make do with some resistance bands, an exercise ball, and some fitness videos. Also, don’t forget to give yourself the best possible chance of following through on a healthy workout regimen. Install a shoe rack, so your tennis shoes are neatly kept near your front door. Or buy a standing desk to replace your standard desk, so you won’t remain seated too often.

When it comes to feeling energetic and enjoying the life you’ve built for yourself, health is of utmost importance. Give yours the care it deserves by making appropriate changes to your home.

Seniors Guide Staff

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