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10/8/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

It’s never an easy choice to sell your house that you’ve lived in for years and move into one of the many active adult communities. But they come with lots of great benefits that you’ll appreciate as you enter the second, rewarding chapter of your life. Are you thinking of making a change? Here are 10 signs it’s time to join a senior living community.

1. You don’t like yard maintenance or can’t keep up with it.

Landscaping is physically demanding work, even if you have a riding lawn mower. That’s because there’s more to yardwork than just the mowing part. There’s the trimming, fertilizing, seeding, aerating – the list goes on!

If you’re finding it difficult to complete yard work or you are simply tired of doing it, it may be time to join a senior living community; here, you aren’t responsible for regular lawn maintenance. Leave it to the younger pros to take care of keeping your community looking green. Instead, you can spend your time and energy on something else entirely.

2. Home maintenance is too physically demanding, or you don’t want to do it anymore.

Just like yard maintenance, home maintenance is another taxing task you might want to avoid as you age like fine wine. You’ve probably meticulously maintained your home over the course of your ownership, and it’s just not fun anymore! You’ve made the upgrades you wanted, but you’re tired of all the repair needs that crop up – and that’s totally understandable!

In an apartment community for older adults, a maintenance staff takes care of any issues with your unit or elsewhere on the grounds. You never have to deal with buying repair supplies, carrying out the repair, and crawling into bed sore from exertion.

3. All your friends have joined a senior living community.

If you’ve been holding out to sell your house and move into a worry-free apartment community, you have to ask yourself, “Why?” If all your friends have made the transition, but you haven’t, it may be time for you to do it, too. How’s that for peer pressure?

But in all seriousness, you and your friends are likely at similar stages of life. You may be missing out on all the things they get to enjoy while you still worry about the responsibilities of homeownership.

4. You want to try out new hobbies.

If you’re 55+, you’ve probably spent many years of your life with the same hobbies or interests. It’s hard to pick up something new, even when you really want to! A 55+ active adult community gives you lots of options for new hobbies; whether you’re seeking something active like tennis, or prefer taking a more indoors-approach to your pastimes, like making art.

5. You’re ready to make new friends.

Isolating isn’t a great way to keep a strong mind and maintain vitality. When you live at home and only get out and about when you have an errand to run or to go to church, you might be wasting your potential!

It’s easy to make new friends when you join a senior living community. You see your neighbors often, even if you just enjoy your coffee on your patio or partake in the weekly coffee chats. We bet you’ll soon get invited to participate in other fun activities, like bocce ball, seeing a movie in the screening room, or dining at the potluck dinner.

6. You prefer to be active.

Even if you’re tired of maintaining your house, you probably still prefer doing some type of activity; be it physical, social, or otherwise. A 55+ senior apartment community is the perfect place to maintain an active lifestyle without obligations.

7. You need to downsize your home.

At a certain age, after owning a big house for years, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a new house in an effort to downsize. While you may be able to fully cover the cost of your new place with the equity you have in your old one, there is still a chance you’ll need a small mortgage to cover the difference.

Why not sell your home, keep your money in the bank, and move into an all-inclusive, resort-style community for active adults? With the proceeds from your house sale in your savings account or wisely invested, you can live out the rest of your retirement years doing whatever you want.

8. You want to be near people.

If you’ve been living alone for years, it may be frightening to know that should you fall or sustain another injury and be unable to get to the phone; it might take a while for a neighbor, family member, or friend to find you and help you get medical care. In an active adult living community, rest assured that someone will be around to assist you when you need it; whether it’s in a health emergency, keeping your home clean and tidy, or something else altogether.

The resources available to you when you join a senior living community are designed to help keep you safe, but also to make life more enjoyable!

9. You like the idea of not having to cook for every meal.

When you live alone in your own home, you’re responsible for meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. When you live in an active senior community, you can enjoy meals in the bistro with your friends. Or, depending on the amenities of the community, you can even have them delivered to you in your apartment!

In fact, some 55+ apartments include some meals in their rent. Be sure to read over what’s included in your lease; you may be pleasantly surprised!

10. You like when everything you need is close-by.

The best senior living communities don’t require you to drive around to participate in fun activities or shop for basic staples. These communities offer almost everything you may need on-site, so you don’t have to drive if you don’t feel like it. With a 55+ living community, you can stay close to home and accomplish everything you need to do in a day.

So, what do you think? Does it sound like an active adult living community is now right for you? Don’t put off exploring the communities around you. Start touring and gathering information today, so you can choose a new home you’ll love.

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