4/16/2013 | By Seniors Guide Staff

The Many Health Benefits of Traveling

by Stuart Mapes

Stay healthy by traveling…

It’s never too late to go on an adventure! And what’s not to love? Whether you’re visiting family or planning the getaway of your dreams, traveling can bring a spark to your retirement.

Consider this: travel can be good for your health. Getting out of your home promotes physical activity—something your body and you’re mind can’t get enough of as you age.

Maybe you’re visiting a national park or sightseeing with a friend. You’re probably walking more than usual, but with so many things to see, you don’t even notice. You’re strengthening your body by exercising and you’re enjoying it too!

Or maybe you’re staying with your family for the holidays. This is one of the easiest ways to share a good time with people you love, and at the same time you’re improving your mental health and preventing yourself from being lonely.

And of course there’s always the mental picture of you relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean. Even this can be healthy too. Being in fresh air may give you more energy, help your body function properly, and even give you a brain boost.

Just about any kind of travel is good for you, as long as you’re properly prepared. There are endless destinations, so pick one you really think you’ll enjoy. Plan your trip long in advance and run it by both your family and your doctor. They’ll help you work out a safe and reasonable itinerary, as well as guide you on what to pack.

Your health and financial situation may determine the scope of your trip, but they shouldn’t prevent you from getting out every once in a while. If your plan on doing a lot of walking, train in advance by walking in your neighborhood. If you are going abroad, find out from your doctor if there are any disease risks and make sure you receive any necessary vaccines.

And sorry, Medicare does not cover Caribbean vacations, but you may be able to find discounts or reduced fares for seniors. If you’re looking for something more affordable, research sites or attractions that are within driving distance of where you live, or plan a visit with your family.

So what are you waiting for? Keep yourself physically and mentally active through travel, and make the most of your retirement.

Seniors Guide Staff

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