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Millennials are in the majority when it comes to those learning in-demand skills such as web design and programming. But before you conjure a stereotypical image of an older adult struggling to navigate a website or download an app, consider this: people over 50 are now among the largest groups of technology users; and that includes coding classes for seniors.

Many older individuals are embracing technology for various reasons. While some merely want to master new challenges, others are looking to grow their skillsets and achieve financial stability. And, as mentioned above, one of the most popular career options is website coding.

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For example, some older adults pick coding because their present job has become too physically demanding for them to continue. In contrast, others are caregivers for a spouse or grandchild and need a job with a flexible schedule.

No matter the reason, many individuals are taking website coding classes for seniors to provide them with career options. It’s never too late. Here is what you need to know.

What is a website developer?

In a nutshell, website developers design and create websites. They are responsible for the content, visual appeal, and technical aspects of the website. Some developers work on technical construction, while others prefer to work on the website’s look. Each requires a separate set of skills, so do a bit of research to find out which appeals to you.

Coding classes for seniors could be a good fit for many

Learning to code takes time and dedication, but the result could be a career paying over $30 per hour in a rapidly growing field. At the very least, it could be exciting to learn something new, help you remain productive, and make you feel good about yourself. Those seniors who enjoy fixing things and solving problems could find satisfaction in coding.

Certain traits in seniors make them excellent at learning to code

Despite the perceptions that some people have of older adults, studies indicate that many have experiences and characteristics that prepare them for success in learning computer coding.

Statistics show that older workers are more dependable and capable of solving problems than younger people. They are typically highly motivated, with longer attention spans and an eagerness and ability to learn new things. They show up to work and are usually on time.  

Despite the pervasive myth that seniors have trouble learning, the reality is that they retain information longer and have higher training rates than younger employees. Being old does not affect memory by itself. Most older adults are perfectly capable of learning new skills such as website coding.

Where can an older individual find website coding classes for seniors?

Some online programs offer free courses, allowing individuals the flexibility to set their own learning pace. For example, one interactive website,, includes a free option that teaches programming languages. About one million of their users are 55 and older.

If you have time in your schedule, you might try a coding boot camp. Boot camps are typically in-person classes for 40 to 80 hours per week, lasting up to 15 weeks.

The average entry-level education for a website developer is an Associate’s Degree. However, the education levels can range from high school diplomas to Bachelor’s Degrees or higher. Website developers should know both programming and graphic design.

Starting a coding career as an older adult

Website coding is relatively new, but the demand is growing. As they do in so many job categories, older workers can provide unique benefits to technology. Employers and their hiring managers have begun to recognize that older workers have much to offer – even in the area of website coding. As many are realizing, it’s never too late to look into coding classes for seniors!

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