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Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy, WBPT, is especially and uniquely designed to help older adults who want to continue to live independently in their own home. We also offer home assessments to help guide you in making important home modification decisions or provide simple suggestions on easy ways to decrease your risk for falls and maximize your safety around your home. We provide the ultimate in individualized, very personal treatment in the privacy, safety, comfort and convenience of your own home or other location of your choice. 100% of your treatment sessions will be provided one on one, with your therapist Dr Jeff Weisler. The private, individualized nature of your treatment sessions can provide reassurance during the current period of Covid-19 concerns.

Who We Help:

Older Adults

  • who want to continue to live independently in their own home
  • who are afraid of falling
  • who are recovering from or trying to avoid an injury or surgery
  • who are experiencing back discomfort or other aches and pains
  • who want the confidence to be more active by improving their balance, strength and mobility
  • who are looking for specific solutions to maximize their safety and independence in and around their home
  • who want to be able to return to the fun activities they enjoy- playing golf, biking, dining out with friends or even walking the dog

Adults with Aging Parents or Loved Ones

  • who worry about how much longer mom or dad can safely remain living independently in their own home
  • who worry about their parents becoming more sedentary or falling and breaking a hip
  • who are looking to increase their own strength and skills to safely assist a loved one with mobility issues
  • who are concerned because they notice mom or dad becoming less interested in participating in activities or getting out to visit with friends
  • who wish to see their parents have overall improved health, less pain and increased confidence to maximize their quality of life

Owner’s Bio/Meet your Therapist Page

Dr. Jeff Weisler is a native of North Carolina. He is originally from Raleigh, but from an early age Jeff has enjoyed life on the South End of Wrightsville Beach. His hobbies include surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, and boating to neighboring islands and sandbars with his family and friends, plus his dog and first mate Shelly.

Dr. Weisler graduated from UNCW with a BA in Psychology and later received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Elon University.

Immediately after graduation, Dr. Weisler worked in Raleigh in an outpatient land and aquatic PT clinic to gain additional expertise and became certified by ATRI (Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry). Returning to Wilmington, Dr. Weisler enjoyed working with his patients at two different short term rehabilitation facilities.

During this time it became apparent how much Dr. Weisler genuinely loved working with older adults-valuing their life lessons and experience and enjoying their sense of humor. He noticed just how many seniors reported feeling increasingly unsteady on their feet and experiencing greater difficulty getting around; they acknowledged gradually becoming very sedentary which obviously led to significant functional decline. Many reported suffering falls and fracturing bones, but Dr. Weisler was most deeply impacted by several patients recounting falls where they had remained on the floor for a couple days before being discovered and transported to the hospital; some even required surgery before being discharged to a skilled nursing facility. Dr. Weisler knew that many of these instances could have been avoided had these individuals received physical therapy and special preventative care and education in their homes sooner. Therefore, seeking to address these needs Dr. Weisler founded Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy in 2017 and was pleased to be able to bring to the Wilmington area the 100% personalized physical therapy experience that our concierge style practice provides.

WBPT provides in home PT services to the following locations: Wilmington, Leland, Ogden, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Monkey Junction, Figure 8, Landfall and Wilmington side of Brunswick County


Dr. Jeff Weisler from Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy was highly recommended to me from my MD. I was in my late eighties when I suffered from sciatica and had fallen several times, and didn’t have much strength in my legs which made it difficult to walk and do my everyday chores. Dr. Weisler helped me with the sciatica and also did many exercises to help strengthen my legs, and work on my balance so I was able to walk better! I’m 92 now and with Dr Jeff leaving me instructions on exercises I could do at home on my own to maintain my strength has helped immensely! Dr. Weisler is very attentive, caring and professional. It was also very convenient to have him come to my home especially since I don’t drive. I would highly recommend him to anyone!Dr Jeff is truly a committed Physical Therapist!

Angela V.

Jeff Weisler of Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy is amazing. I was having chronic neck pain from poor posture and too much sitting/driving. During our consultation, Jeff helped me with stretches and movements that I could do myself each day and made recommendations for my office and car to help. He is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate about the needs of his clients. Thanks Jeff!!

Shannon N.

Being in my late eighties, I was beginning to become more sedentary, deconditioned and having greater difficulty merely performing regular activities of daily living around the house or getting around in the community. This was in part due to worsening unsteadiness on my feet, fear of falling or breaking a hip and ending up in a nursing home. I took my MD’s advice and contacted Dr. Jeff Weisler with Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy, and I can honestly say that I am glad that I did. Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy’s in-home, concierge model makes receiving Physical Therapy services as easy for me as waking up from a nap and heading down stairs! Dr. Jeff Weisler has helped me significantly improve my balance, strength, stamina and walking tolerance. I am once again able to walk beyond the end of my driveway, to/from our dock and around the block. I am becoming more comfortable walking over uneven, grassy terrain around our home and in the community; often without needing to take multiple seated rest breaks as I had before therapy. Dr. Weisler is very knowledgeable and compassionate, yet he has a great sense of humor, and always comes to my home with a smile. He really listens to me and is always looking for ways to incorporate my personal interests into our treatments in ways that will challenge and motivate me: For example- repairing a dock box, installing cleats, making flag pole adjustments, etc. It’s a pleasure to work with Dr. Jeff Weisler and I always look forward to each therapy session whether its for pain relief or just maintaining my strength and mobility to continue confidently and happily living in my own home.

Eleanor James

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeff Weisler, Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy, for any type of physical therapy you may need. We were at Wrightsville on vacation and I developed intense low back pain making it impossible to walk or do any fun beach activities. Dr. Weisler came to our home the very day I contacted him. In just one visit I felt markedly improved. After the second visit the next day I could almost touch my toes (whereas the day before I could only bend as far as my knees)! Since we were at the beach, Dr. Weisler did a combination of water and land therapy the second day. He is outstanding in both areas! Dr. Weisler is extremely knowledgeable in the field of physical therapy. However, the thing that impresses me the most is his genuine concern and compassion for his patients. His willingness to come to my home saved me a great deal of pain since getting in the car and riding just magnified my back issues. I’m so grateful for his care and will most definitely use him for any future problems. Anyone in need of physical therapy should seriously consider using Dr. Weisler (Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy). I can’t imagine a better physical therapist!

Keith Brown

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