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Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy is a Personalized Concierge Physical Therapy service. We offer One-on-One Personalized Physical Therapy treatment, typically resulting in higher patient satisfaction outcomes with faster recovery results. Using Concierge Physical Therapy is the healthcare model of choice for educated consumers. They are people who put a great emphasis on their health and seek the highest quality of care and individualized attention. Dr. Jeff Weisler provides invaluable home/community Physical Therapy services that are difficult to replicate in an institutional or a clinic environment. 

Concierge Physical Therapy – is a service provided at the location of your choice. For Example, some but not limited to, we can offer physical therapy at home, work, community, gym, pool, parks, or at the beach. 

 We offer :

  • Land Therapy Services
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy Services
  • 100% of Your Treatment Sessions Will be Provided One-On-One Care With a Therapist Who Holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Flexible Scheduling to Fit Your Schedule Requirements

About Dr. Jeff Weisler:

  • Dr. Jeff Weisler is a native of North Carolina. He is originally from Raleigh, though from an early age, Jeff has enjoyed life at the South End of Wrightsville Beach.  
  • Dr. Weisler graduated from UNCW with a BA in Psychology in 2003; he later earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Elon University.  
  • Promptly following graduation, Dr. Weisler worked in Raleigh in an Outpatient Land and Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinic. 
  • Dr. Weisler obtained more expertise and became certified with both ATRI (Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry) as well as ICATRI (International Council of Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry). 
  • Dr. Weisler loved helping all the individuals at two separate facilities. Both the Long-Term-Care and the Skilled Nursing facilities that provided Physical Therapy services, plus the Outpatient Physical Therapy care he provided. 
  • Dr. Weisler is now very happy to be able to deliver to the Wilmington area, a specialized individual 100% Personalized Physical Therapy experience using our concierge-style practice.

Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy cares about keeping you and your loved ones staying at home as long as possible. We emphasize presenting patients and caregivers proper training and create a personalized, easy to use safe solutions for demanding, challenging, and tricky obstacles inside and outside the house.  

 Don.t forget Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy will come to your location of choice.

For Example: (but not limited to):

  • Home
  • Workplace Community
  • Home 
  • Home Gym
  • Pool 
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Choose a Particular Environment That is Going to Benefit You The Most During Your Recovery Process (Choose a place that is Relaxing, Convenient, Effective, Practical, and Efficient.) 

 One-On-One Personalized Physical Therapy, similar to ” Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy, “ results in faster healing getting you back to a life without pain. Being in an environment that fits the patient’s needs allows their body to become more responsive to the treatment.

Most conventional clinical Non-Personalized Physical Therapy can’t provide you with this level of Individualized Care. 

 Concierge Physical Therapy is the only program that offers a highly individualized level of care, with the attention to detail you deserve.  The smallest irritation can end up being a more significant problem in the future with our program; you can have it taken care of early.  

Your health is number one and is key to your happiness in life. Stop experiencing life living in misery. Contact Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy and will start creating your personal, individualized therapy gameplan to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, living pain-free and enjoying your life that you deserve once again. 

 Beautiful Sunsets, Strolls on The Beach, Fun in The Sun, Playing in The Sand, Feet in The Water, Dancing Beneath the Stars, and All of The Coastal Lifestyle You Have Grown to Love is a call away.

Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy

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