Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited

The Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited (TAP) is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with Aphasia, their families/friends, and the community.

The program collaborates with area medical centers, adult living communities, rehabilitation centers and universities to provide comprehensive care, support and training. Aphasia is a devastating language disorder that impacts all areas of communication (reading, writing, listening/comprehension and speech).

Aphasia, does not, however, impair memory or intellect, thus the reason it is so frustrating. Aphasia is generally caused by a stroke or other brain injury. Individuals with aphasia can easily become socially isolated and disengaged from the community with deficits in the ability to verbally connect with their peers, supervisors, friends, etc.

Our goal is to provide communicative access to this population by addressing their language skills, but also their environment and individuals who will be communicating with them.