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Todd Harrison Realty has a Plan to Help With Your Transition.

Let Todd Harrison Realty Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Home:

  • Meet with you and any family you wish to include to evaluate your home, review your time frame, and strategize the best plan of action.
  • Help you take inventory and get organized. Provide a professional organizer to assist with decisions and logistics related to downsizing, disbursement of furniture and other items to family or friends, donation of items to non-profit organizations, etc.
  • If an Estate Sale is appropriate, we will schedule a complimentary appraisal by an estate sale specialist.
  • Schedule and coordinate any remodeling or repair work that needs to be done before listing your home.
  • Provide a professional stager/designer to make recommendations on how best to present your home to its maximum advantage for photos and showings.
  • Coordinate professional photography and/or videography to tell our home’s story, inside and out.

In some cases, sellers and their families may benefit from the services of other types of professionals, many of whom specialize in assisting seniors in transition.

Todd Harrison Realty can also provide referrals for:

  • Tax Attorneys
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Income Tax Specialists
  • Financial Advisors
  • Family Therapists, Counselors
  • Movers, Packing Services
  • Storage Facilities
  • Etc.

We specialize in helping seniors transition. Please visit our website, email, or call us to learn more.