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The Disability Foundation

The Disability Foundation is a not for profit organization, which was created in 1998 to serve Ohio residents with all types of disabilities. We are organized as a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities by complementing public benefits through the prudent management of financial resources.

To do this, the Foundation acts as Distribution Trustee over The Ohio Community Pooled Annuity Trust and The Ohio Community Pooled Flexible-Spending Trust. We offer some of the lowest fees in Ohio.

We can help seniors who become disabled protect their life savings by establishing a Special Needs Pooled Trust. Funds in the trust are not considered resources or income for the purposes of Medicaid or SSI eligibility.

“The Disability Foundation (an affiliate of The Dayton Foundation) establishes Special Needs Pooled Trusts for people of all ages that can be used to enhance the lives of the person living with a disability while at the same time protecting their public benefits of Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Established under Social Security Administration (SSA) regulations, the trusts are not considered resources for the public need based benefits’ eligibility.“


Networked with elder law attorneys in the Cleveland area, when Kelly R. had a client with a need for a pooled trust, she was confidently referred to the Disability Foundation. After completing the process of opening a pooled trust for her client, she knows why. The personal interaction, professionalism and responsiveness from the staff at the Disability Foundation are second to none she said. “Being guided through the process and having a resource available to answer questions and requests made me confident that we were doing everything correctly,”

Kelly R.

For more than ten years, Linda B., guardianship attorney from the Cincinnati area, has been working with the Disability Foundation to preserve her clients’ resources, protect their benefits and reduce legal costs. Even a relatively simple guardianship is an expensive process in terms of legal costs. The Disability Foundation offers a way to accomplish many of the same services at significantly reduced fees. Bolin said the Disability Foundation offers a simple, user- friendly and convenient process to set up the account and to deposit or withdraw funds. She noted that staff is readily available, responsive and flexible which is especially appreciated when an urgent matter arises.

Linda B.

The Disability Foundation

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