• Adult Day Services

    Temporary care provided during business hours

Supporting Older Adults and Families During Their Aging and Caregiver Journeys

Still Waters Adult Day Center is a ministry of Castleton United Methodist Church. We opened a second location in October 2016 at Eastgate Christian Church. Our mission is “To strengthen, support and provide services for older adults and families throughout their journeys as aging individuals and caregivers.”  There are four qualities of the Still Waters’ program where we strive to excel and distinguish our center from others.

These four core strengths are:

  • Activity rich
  • Intergenerational
  • Person-centered
  • Faith based

Activity rich:

Still Waters provides a rich variety of activities every day. They encompass physical, sensory, cognitive, social/recreational, spiritual, and everyday living activities. Still Waters’ stimulating program is made possible by our energetic and caring staff, professional creative arts therapists, and a large, devoted group of volunteers. We also do purposeful activities such as helping prepare for church events (worship services, Vacation Bible School, pre-school events, and the Fish Fry). We assist several local schools and organizations with clerical and craft projects and mailings. Still Waters’ guests also help create unique crafts that are sold to raise funds in support of our program.


Still Waters partners with the CUMNS (nursery school program) staff to have regular interaction with pre-school classes. We welcome visits from children ranging in age from infants to teens. We also work with the church’s Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry staff for shared activities during the summer and school vacation times. Performing arts groups are welcome to schedule visits at Still Waters as well.


As living human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving. As we age, more and more of our identity is tied to the past but we still have a capacity to learn and grow. At Still Waters we strive to treat each guest as a unique individual. We ask about and listen to their stories. Opportunities for one-on-one time with a staff member or volunteer are encouraged. We celebrate birthdays and hold discussion groups where each guest can reminisce. Family members are invited to bring in photos or other memorabilia to spark conversations. Each guest is also encouraged to learn and create something new.


As a Christian program, Still Waters places the highest value on treating others with love and respect as modeled by Jesus Christ. We recognize the need for fellowship and community. We believe that all of us are God’s children and that He loves us unconditionally. As part of our spiritual practice, a devotion and meal-time blessing are offered each day. Pastoral care through both churches and counseling through the Stephens Ministers program are available. Regular chapel services provide Still Waters guests and family members with an opportunity to worship together.