• Adult Day Services

    Temporary care provided during business hours

  • Agencies On Aging

    Local agencies and nonprofits that serve seniors

  • Aging In Place

    Adapt your current living situation to age at home

  • Doctors, Clinics, and Pharmacies

    Specializing in geriatric care

  • Financial, Legal, and Insurance Services

    Legal advice and estate planning needs

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Support Intellectual and Social Wellness

 RUI University

Lifelong learning supports intellectual and social wellness. RUI University offers free lifelong learning classes to our residents. Our courses allow residents to expand their knowledge and explore a new interest. Partnerships with local colleges, universities, museums, artists, etc. enable us to provide superior life long learning classes.

The courses can range from history to music, to technology, to culinary to wine classes, and we are always expanding our reach to bring you new courses.

Using our classes and Lifelong Learning Community Activities will immerse residents in the academic community. Not do teach through the classroom, but we reinforce what they are learning through hands-on activities from outings to museums, our painting skills lab, and more. These activities allow the resident to become a true RUI University Scholar and provides an exciting exchange of ideas between our residents and the community.

Register today and enjoy the rewards of continuing your education!

RUI University

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