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Rosie’s House

We help families solve one of their biggest challenges in the journey to Senior Care with an easier, less stressful way to sell mom’s (or dad’s) house without cleaning it up, cleaning it out or paying Realtor fees. We help free up your time so it can be spent getting into the right community. Don’t worry about any heavy lifting, literally. We will provide the moving service to get you into your new home, as well as getting the appropriate people to help sell your left over belongings. We do this at your pace; as quickly as you want to move, a lot of times it can be done in as little as 10 days.

With Rosie’s House:

  • Free up equity to pay for care sooner
  • Cash offers
  • No closing costs
  • Close on your timeline
  • Happier families
  • Get your time back to focus on care

Sell Your House in 4 Quick Steps:
1. Contact us
2. Schedule a visit
3. Get a cash offer
4. Move in

Contact a Certified Buyer today to help you sell your home!


“I sold my home, It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…I sold my home to him after talking to several real estate agents.”

— Robert

“I’m Emma and I was really happy with it.(The offer) came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he was.”

— Emma

“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get Skilled Nursing Care. They were about as honest and communicative as they could get. I’ll give him 5 Stars”

— Willy

Rosie’s House

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