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    End of life care

Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County

Ohio’s Hospice of Fayette County provide comfort, symptom management and physical, mental and spiritual support when there is a life-limiting illness. Our approach is to focus on you and your involved caregivers rather than curing the disease.

Hospice care, provided through physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, focuses on pain relief and symptom management rather than curative measures. Hospice care focuses on restoring dignity and a sense of personal fulfillment to the dying by providing choices, listening and caring. Hospice care enables you to live your finals days to the fullest extent possible, with purpose, dignity, grace and support. Hospice is patient-driven care. Our Hospice of Fayette County team will work with you, the patient, and your family to ensure that your end of life goals are met to their fullest.

Hospice Services

Physical Care

Whether you’re at home, a local nursing facility or assisted living, we provide care wherever you call “home”. After admission into the Hospice of Fayette County Program, you and your caregiver will be assigned a nursing team. You, the patient, and your nurse will decide an appropriate number of times that you will be visited by the nurse each week. At each of your Hospice of Fayette County nursing visits, they will evaluate your symptoms and pain level, bring supplies needed, provide educational materials or information and lend a listening ear. Our nurses are available 24/7 for questions, situations needing immediate attention or providing support at a death. All care and supplies provided to you and your family are free of charge to you. You are never billed. In addition to nursing care, there are other members at Hospice of Fayette County providing care for you and your family. These include:

These Hospice of Fayette County team members come to you, where you reside.

Often families wonder why they should have Hospice care for their loved one when they are already in a skilled nursing facility where the facility should be caring for their loved one sufficiently. Remember, our care is of no cost to you or your family. Additionally, Hospice of Fayette County can improve comfort to you, provide emotional support to your family and work with the nursing staff in the facility to maintain your quality of life while in the skilled nursing home. The Hospice of Fayette County nurses are able to improve communication among the patient, family and facility staff to update on condition changes, improvements or requests made by the patient. Simply stated, skilled nursing facility staff members are experts in caring for their residents in extended care facilities while Hospice of Fayette County staff members are experts in end of life care.

Spiritual Hospice Care

In order to care for the whole person, he or she must be cared for spiritually.  You have an opportunity to connect with the Hospice Chaplain, on your own terms.
The relationship is not a forced one, as each patient is simply given the opportunity to receive spiritual care by our Chaplain. This spiritual care can be religious based, or holistic. It can also be in addition to the spiritual care the person receives from a current place of worship.
In addition to providing personalized spiritual care, our Chaplain is able to provide group bible readings and funeral services.

Emotional & Social Care

Our Social Work Department works hard to ensure that you and your families are provided not only with emotional and social support, but also:

– assistance with Medicare and Medicaid paperwork

– assistance with coordination of legal and financial resources

– assistance providing Advance Care Planning legal documents

– assistance with contacting community resources

– assistance providing a bereavement program for 13 months after the passing of your loved one

Advance Care Planning

At Hospice of Fayette County, we believe that Advance Care Planning should be completed by everyone 18 and older, regardless of their current medical condition. No one likes to think about dying and death but they are realities of life. Armed with the proper information and forms, you can take control of choices regarding your medical future. We have booklets available that contain the following important planning documents:

– The Ohio Living Will

– The Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney

– A form directing Anatomical Gifts

– The Ohio Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Law

You can fill out the Living Will or Health Care Power of Attorney forms by yourself. You are not required to use a lawyer. However, since these are important legal documents, you may wish to consult a lawyer for advice. The DNR Order can only be completed by a physician, certified nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist, as appropriate.