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Ohio Living Foundation

The Ohio Living Foundation partners with donors to provide charitable support for Ohio Living’s people, projects, and programs. The longer we live, the more likely it is that we will exhaust our retirement savings. Sadly when this happens, the resident is asked to go elsewhere. This has never been the case at Ohio Living.

Our promise, the Life Care Commitment, is one of the central values and assures residents that they can always call us home. The thousands of donors and volunteers allow us to make this possible for our residents. Donations have a considerable impact on our residents lives. We have received generously donated elevated garden boxes for people in wheelchairs. People have also helped fulfill patients’ special wishes by taking them to the swimming pool. Plus donors have open access to places we take for granted.

Call today and see how you can donate.

Ohio Living Foundation

(614) 888-7800 Website 9200 Worthington Road, Suite 300
Westerville, OH 43082