Now Hear This® Hearing Aids and Audiology

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Now Hear This® Hearing Aids and Audiology

At Now Hear This® Hearing Aids and Audiology, you will receive the finest care from our team because we truly care about our patients’ lives and well being. We fully believe no one should have to go through life with poor hearing, OR poorly performing hearing aids. We will always do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

We are staffed by Doctors of Audiology (Au.D.) that were trained at the top audiology graduate schools in the United States. They have multiple years of practical experience working with patients, and have been trained on the use of our exclusive German ACAM® 5 fitting system. Their passion for serving hearing impaired patients coupled with their knowledge of the human hearing system, hearing aids, and hearing aid fittings make for the most complete hearing care available.

They are vigilant for any medical conditions that may need care from a physician, and look at your hearing health from a comprehensive point of view. Audiologists, like other medical professionals, are bound by a code of ethics to do what’s best for the patient, regardless of any other factors.