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My Patient Advocate assists patients and families of all ages and stages in life in navigating the intricate healthcare system. A private patient advocate is an experienced healthcare professional who provides unbiased assistance. Healthcare organizations or insurance companies do not compensate us. We support and represent patients and families, ensuring their medical and financial interests are protected. As a Registered Nurse with extensive training and experience, I will advocate for your rights and desires with compassion and industry expertise. We’re here to guide you through overwhelming difficult circumstances. Consider us your trusted neighborhood nurse. The person to whom you turn for advice and information. You deserve what we give our families. We advocate ensuring you get the very best. We’ll make sure it happens. We will sit and be by your side, making sure it happens. Nurse advocates are well-versed in the healthcare system, but they can’t give medical advice, make medical or legal decisions, diagnose diseases, or prescribe medications/therapies. I’ll commit to safeguarding your finances and medical interest.

Nurse advocates can:

  • Decipher Medical Bills and Insurance Claims to Avoid Higher Financial Liability (80-95% are incorrect)
  • Provide Illnesses Education 
  • Empower You to Make an Informed and Educated Decisions
  • Coordinate Resources/Support Services
  • Reestablish V.A. Benefits
  • Find Quality, Safe Care Facilities (short-term, skilled nursing for physical rehab, nursing home, long-term care, assisted living, chemical dependency/dual diagnosis rehab, mental health facility, CCRC, seniors/disabled daycare, respite care)
  • Learn Cost Before Procedures
  • Attend Doctor Visits with You
  • Ensure Health Providers are on The Same Page, YOURS!
  • Bedside Visits in Hospital, if Alone or Anxious Pre-Op/Post-Op, Watch Your Recovery Progress
  • Arrange The ‘difficult’ Conversation When Status or Health Changes
  • Obtain & Arrange Health Documents Like Health Care Proxies & Advance Directives to be in Place
  • Assist with Insurance Enrollment
  • Facilitate Plans with Solo-Agers
  • Help Aging Parents by Facilitating a Plan in an Acute Situation or Plan for Future
  • End of Life Planning with Professionals
  • Grief Management/Resources for Different Stages/Losses of Life (perinatal, child, teen, parent loss)
  • Planning a Vacation with Illness, Getting Durable Equipment Set-Up 
  • Setting Up Surprises for Chronic/Terminally Ill/Last Wishes (spiritual therapy, special needs/service animals, or music therapy)
  • And Much, Much More

We offer a free 15- minute phone consultation. Email is HIPPA compliant, confidential, and safely encrypted for your protection. Video chats are available for family at a distance. Meeting at a place of your choice in Raleigh, Durham-Chapel Hill area.



“My sister-in-law was in the ICU with multiple issues. I was hearing three different messages from three different providers. I was overwhelmed and fried. I didn’t know what to do. You set the wheels in motion for all of us to be on the same page for the most beneficial treatment plan.”L.V. Wake Forest.

“My husband had gotten billed twice for a medical procedure. He forgot he paid the first time and paid again. When I called, they claimed they couldn’t find his second check which they deposited, so couldn’t refund him. Sybil did something or knew somebody because two weeks later we had a refund check with an apology from the CEO. Totally worth it, saved us thousands.” — D.R. Holly Springs

“Our brother donated his bone marrow. It was on and off testing for months. This included lab tests, lab draws, EKGs, and medicine. He mentioned the University had been billing his private insurance and he had been trying to straighten it out. This was incorrect, as the match program or receiver’s insurance pays the cost, not the donor. Sybil called billing. Suddenly, it was rectified immediately.”— M.S. Durham

“After a year of concerns voiced by staff thru the chain of command in an academic hospital, Sybil spoke with the Governor and his chief of staff at a private function for volunteers in the community. Within 4 hours the head of H.R. called.”— C.T. Apex