MCL Restaurant and Bakery

MCL Restaurant and Bakery

Homemade. Every Day. From our famously flaky pie dough to our gravies and the dumplings in our chicken & noodles, we prepare all of our foods in-house from scratch. Why? Because we know, as do our guests, that homemade food tastes better and is more nourishing.

Family Owned & Operated.

MCL was founded by Charles “Mac” McGaughey in 1950 and to this day is owned and operated by The McGaughey Family (pictured) which has now been in the restaurant business for three generations. MCL is a true family business.

Award Winning Hospitality.

Famous for our hospitality we have won many awards over the years but the best honor we can receive is a happy guest. We care deeply about our guests and their dining experience and it shows through in our service.