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CALM…Case Manager, Advocate, Liaison, Medical Navigator

KTS Advocacy

KTS Advocacy can help you navigate the complex health care system. More than half of consumers are unable to navigate the health care system on their own and can spend hours of time on customer service calls not getting the right answers or more costly care. KTS Advocacy is a professional managed healthcare advocate that will help you get through the healthcare maze.

A healthcare advocate can add support in many ways while bringing peace of mind.

  • Assist with insurance denials and coverage issues.
  • Review and negotiate medical bills.
  • Schedule and attend appointments.
  • Communication bridge between healthcare providers and patients/families.
  • Translate medical jargon.
  • Research treatment options, providers and facilities.
  • Assist with transition home from the hospital.
  • Arrange community resources.
  • End of life planning/advanced directives.
  • Assume power of attorney role.
  • Support/guidance for medical health and substance abuse issues.
  • Wellness and preventive health coaching.
  • Supporting caregiving of a family member.

KTS Advocacy, an independent professional healthcare advocate is owned and operated by Karen Silber, MSW, LSW, BCPA.

Reach out to Karen and find out how she can help you.

KTS Advocacy

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