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Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley provides Medicare-certified hospice care to people facing serious and life-limiting illness. We provide specialized person-centered care and support for people facing a terminal illness to live as fully and as comfortable as possible. We not only focus on the patient’s pain and comfort, but we also provide emotional and spiritual support for both the patient and their family. Our specialized Nursing Home Team works hand-in-hand with nursing home staff to enhance the patients care. When time is limited, or when a family requires instruction or support, On Call and Crisis Care teams are available to provide that extra “TLC.”

Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley employs experienced nurses with expertise in pain and symptom control management. Many of our skilled clinical staff hold advanced certifications and additional training in hospice and palliative care. We understand how challenging and stressful it is for a family to look or even talk about end-of-life care regarding their loved one. Our qualified professionals will answer your questions, provide emotional and spiritual support to help relieve your fears and anxieties. From our inpatient center to our bereavement services, Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley delivers a broad spectrum of patient and family services.


  • 24/7 Support Available
  • Medication and Medical Supplies *delivered to where the patient is located*
  • Pain and Symptom Control Management
  • Specialized Nursing Home Care Team
  • Full-Time Physician / Medical Director *offer rapid response to urgent patient needs*
  • Palliative Treatments *radiation, chemotherapy, antibiotics, etc.*
  • Skilled Nursing Care – Emphasizing End-Of-Life Care
  • On-Call and Crisis-Care Teams
  • Personal Care *bathing, dressing, feeding, and light household duties (provided by Hospice Aides)*
  • Licensed Social Workers *providing emotional support and assistance with financial and legal concern to both patient and family*
  • In-House Pharmacy / Pharmacist *adds to the experience and expertise in care*
  • Spiritual Support *non-denominational Chaplains*
  • Respite Care
  • Short-Term Inpatient Care *for more severe symptoms*
  • Community Grief Services
  • Bereavement Support *the bereavement care staff at Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley is available to help support you and offer counseling through this emotional and challenging time*
    • Individual Support
    • Memorial Services
    • Support Group/Workshop
    • Mountain Pathway *a family support program*
    • Hope For The Holidays
    • Bereavement Lending Library
    • Art of Hope, Expressions of Grief
  • Volunteers *provide caring support to ease loneliness, reduce fear and grief of patients with terminal illness*
    • Pick-Up Groceries / Deliver Medicine / Light Errands
    • Help Make Phone Calls / Help Write Letters / Take Patient to Doctors
    • Walk a Dog / Feed a Cat /¬†Cook a Meal / Plant Flowers
    • Companionship / Moral Support
    • Read Books / Sing Songs / Share Memories / Say a Prayer / Hold a Hand
    • Brighten Their Day With a Smile / Create Laughter and Joy in Patients Life
    • Become Friends When They Need One The Most¬†
  • Medicare Certified

Hospice of Hope Ohio Valley

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